Best offers to help Plan Your Daily Grocery Shopping

The world is moving at a speed of 5G now and consequently there has been an ever growing demand in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods space. FMCG products like packaged food, grocery items, washroom essentials, etc. are a daily necessity, and procuring them at affordable prices is always the need of the hour. Stores like Target are the go to destination for all such products and the availability of discounts and offers which can be availed using Instacart coupons, provide further incentives. So, it is important that one is aware of the best offers on FMCG products which can greatly help plan your daily grocery shopping, the thrift way.

We will be discussing the best deals available on FMCG products at this moment that one must not lose out.

Processed Food/Dairy Products

Processed foods are typically frozen food items that have to be preserved in refrigerators. They are also called cheese products or in several cases, dairy products, which have to be refrigerated for preventing their spoilage. Processed food and dairy products are majorly expensive and we suggest you check out the following discounts before you settle down to the shop.

  • Up to $15 discount on Frozen Food purchased from Walmart with the help of Instacart Walmart codes.
  • A straight discount of $10 on the purchase of coconut milk and black beans from Instacart.
  • Up to $1 discount on major canned and processed food bulk packs at Kroger.
  • Over $3 discount on milk, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products from Kroger.
  • Up to $2 off on Pasta and Noodle bricks at Publix.
  • 20% discount on Cereal packs across Target and Kroger.

Ready-to-Eat meals

Ready-to-eat meals are an important part of every household. They provide complete nutrition at affordable prices and a nifty package. These are one of the rapidly consumed FMCG products and are rarely seen at discounts. Here are some of the best deals on Ready-to-eat meals-

  • Hormel Compleats (chicken breasts, meat, and mashed potatoes) for a starting price of $12.44 with three options to choose from on Amazon.
  • Rice A Roni Cheddar Broccoli cups with 6 options at a discounted price of $14.23 are available on Amazon.
  • Lean Cuisine frozen foods (Burrito, Pasta, Swedish Meatballs, etc.) at a discounted starting price of $2.29 on Target.
  • Healthy Choice Beef & Broccoli bowls for a discounted price of $3.19 at Target.
  • Starkist Tuna chunk of 5 ounces available for $1 at Safeway for delivery and pick-ups.
  • Campbell’s condensed Chicken noodles soup can for $1.49 each at Safeway’s official website and app.


Nothing can soothe your thirst than a cold glass of your favorite beverage on a sunny day. However, you can input warm instead of cold if it is still chilly in your region. You can choose from a wide variety of soft drinks, juices, smoothies, energy drinks, coffees, cocoas, and tea choices available across leading stores at attractive discounts.

  • Avail up to $2 discount on flavored water bottles like Cranberry, Ice Mango, Ice Berry, and other flavors of sparkling water from Safeway.
  • Flat discount of $1 on Juices and Pulp fluids on Safeway with an additional 10% discount for a minimum cart value of $50.
  • Avail Cran-energy, Red Bull, Gatorade, etc. energy drinks for a starting price of $3.98 at Walmart.
  • Avail of all 12-pack soft drink packages for a starting price of $12.44 from Walmart under a 10% discount offer.
  • Get your pack of powdered and liquid drink mixes like Kool-Aid, Crystal Light, etc. for a starting price of $2.99 from Target.
  • Avail English, Organic Chai, Traditional Medicinals, etc. categories of Tea for $2.79 at Target under special Target beverages offer.

Bakery and Bread

It is not possible to eat heavy food all the time and it is at these moments that you can always turn up for a pair of toast or bread sandwiches. We suggest you go with home-made items at this moment for staying safe against the pandemic. Let’s check out the offers available on Bread and Bakery products.

  • Avail Sara Lee Artesano Bread of 20 pounds for $2.89 only on Target.
  • Baguettes and French Bread are available for an astoundingly low price of $1.99 on Target.
  • Little Bites muffins and pouches are available for $2.99/each packet on Safeway.
  • Hostess Twinkies, Mini Donuts, and other products are available for $2 each at Safeway’s official website.
  • Bakery Fresh fudge cake slices, carrot cake slices, etc. are available for $1.99 a pack on Kroger’s website and mobile app.
  • A straight discount of $1 on Angel Food cake from Bakery Fresh at Kroger website.

Home Essentials

In this category, we will be covering home cleaning essentials like Toilet supplies, window and gas cleaners, detergents, etc. Without these products, keeping your house clean and sanitized would not be possible.

  • Avail of up to 20% discount on Cleaning essential products from Kroger.
  • Get Kroger brand Toilet papers and towels for a limited period price of $3.29 Kroger.
  • Avail Clorox Bathroom cleaner and bleach for $4.99 each on Safeway.
  • Lysol Power Bathroom cleaner for $4.29 discounted price available on Safeway.
  • Tide Pods and Detergent packs available for $14.99 and $17.99 packs on Safeway.
  • Purell Hand sanitizers can be availed for a minimum price of $1.59 on Target’s official website and mobile app.
  • Clorox disinfecting wipes can be purchased for a starting price of $2.89 on Target’s official website as well as their mobile app.


Shopping for your groceries and other household essentials can be difficult and expensive if you are unaware of the available discount offers and promo codes. Moreover, in the present times, delivery charges have also shot up due to pandemic safety measures. If you are looking for economical and easy-to-apply promo codes while shopping for FMCG products, do visit promo codes and discount aggregator websites. Here you can search for a desirable coupon on the basis of products required or the store you intend to shop from. You can directly apply the coupon from these websites to your shopping cart and watch your shopping cart value getting diminished!



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