The 75 Best Male Blogs To Read in 2023 (Complete Guide)

In today’s digital age, men are increasingly seeking advice and inspiration from online sources that cater to their diverse interests. From stylish fashion tips to workout routines, our carefully curated Top 75 male blogs for 2023 provide a comprehensive guide that will help you discover the best content across categories like health and fitness, grooming, relationships, technology, and more.

With incredible insights from both established influencers and rising stars in various fields globally, this ultimate list is tailored to meet every man’s needs.

Key Takeaways

The article presents a comprehensive guide to the top 75 male blogs to follow in 2023covering various niches such as health and fitness, fashion and style, personal development, technology and gadgets, relationships and lifestyle, hobbies and interests, travel and adventure, humor, and entertainment.

The featured male blogs offer valuable insights for men looking to elevate their lifestyles by providing expert advice on grooming tips and self-improvement practices like personal development or mental health management advice supported with adequate explanations.

Following these male blogs can help readers achieve their fitness goals easily with proper nutrition plans backed up by workout routines alongside helpful resources for building career skills/business strategies or achieving financial success.

Top 75 Male Blogs To Follow In 2023

Discover the ultimate list of the top 75 male blogs to follow in 2023, covering various interests such as health and fitness, fashion and style, personal development, technology and gadgets, relationships and lifestyle, hobbies and interests, travel and adventure, humor, and entertainment.

Health And Fitness

unfinished man website

Staying in shape and maintaining excellent health is crucial for today’s modern man. To help you achieve your fitness goals and stay informed on the latest health trends, here are some top male blogs that focus on health and fitness:

  1. Unfinished Man – Shares insights into balancing everyday responsibilities with self-care and fitness habits.
  2. Fit Men Cook – Packed with nutritious recipes and workout tips.
  3. The Good Men Project – Offers a variety of articles exploring mental health, relationships, and wellness.
  4. Fatherly – Provides parenting advice, including staying active with your children and improving overall family health.
  5. MenPsyche – Covers men’s mental health, emotional well-being, and personal growth.
  6. Mens Group – Delivers information on exercise routines, nutrition plans, and addiction recovery resources.
  7. AlphaM – Features comprehensive workout routines, diet advice, and grooming tips to complement a healthy lifestyle.
  8. Nomadic Boys – Chronicles the adventures of a traveling gay couple while providing valuable information on staying fit during vacations.

Incorporating these blogs into your regular reading routine can help you make healthier choices in various aspects of your life while keeping you motivated to achieve peak physical fitness.

Fashion And Style

dappered website

In the world of men’s fashion and style, there are countless blogs and influencers providing inspiration, advice, and trends to help elevate your wardrobe. Here are some top fashion and style blogs for men in 2023:

  1. Dappered: Known for its affordable style tips, this blog aims to help men stay fashionable without breaking the bank.
  2. Menswear Style: A comprehensive blog covering various aspects of men’s fashion, from streetwear to designer brands.
  3. Ape To Gentleman: This lifestyle blog features grooming tips alongside its menswear content, making it a one-stop shop for all things stylish.
  4. Scout Sixteen: Blogger Justin Livingston provides outfit ideas alongside travel and lifestyle content.
  5. Style Girlfriend: Offering a unique female perspective on men’s fashion, this blog covers everything from wardrobe essentials to date night outfits.
  6. The Modest Man: Focusing on practical advice for shorter men, this blog helps readers look their best while staying comfortable and confident.
  7. Jose Zuniga (Teaching Men’s Fashion): As an influential YouTuber, Zuniga offers fashion tips alongside fitness and grooming advice.
  8. LIO (liogomm): With a strong Instagram presence, LIO showcases his minimalist outfits that embody contemporary menswear trends.
  9. Carl Thompson (carlthompson): Renowned for his sophisticated taste in fashion and home decor, Thompson shares his favorite brands and styling tips through numerous social media platforms including Instagram and TikTok.
  10. Niccoló Cesari (niccocesari): Italian model turned influencer Cesari is known for his refined yet edgy looks.

Adding these blogs to your reading list will provide valuable insight into the latest fashion trends helping you stay informed and allowing you to refine your personal style with confidence.

Personal Development

art of manliness website

Personal development is crucial for men who want to grow, succeed, and find fulfillment in life. To help you on your journey to self-improvement, here are some top male blogs focused on personal growth:

  1. The Art of Manliness: A comprehensive blog covering everything from communication skills and mindset advice to relationship tips and men’s etiquette.
  2. MenPsyche: Providing insights on men’s mental health, addiction, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence.
  3. The Good Men Project: Featuring articles on masculinity, relationships, mental health, parenting, career development, and work-life balance.
  4. Personal Growth Channel: Shares valuable life lessons from successful individuals in various fields, such as business leaders and athletes.
  5. Mark Manson: Offers brutally honest advice regarding personal development and happiness for modern men.
  6. Order of ManProvides resources to help men become leaders in their families, careers, and communities while focusing on self-mastery and accountability.
  7. Simple ProgrammerContains content geared towards software developers looking to improve their careers through personal development practices.
  8. Michael Hyatt’s Blog: Covers topics like productivity hacks, improving leadership skills, and setting meaningful goals for both professional and personal lives.

Incorporating these blogs into your daily reading routine can provide valuable insights into developing yourself as a man while tackling various challenges in health, relationships, and career advancement, among other aspects of life.

Men’s Grooming

sharpologist website

Men’s grooming is an essential part of self-care and personal style. Keeping clean and looking sharp can boost confidence and leave a lasting impression. Check out these top male grooming blogs for tips and tricks on how to look your best.

  1. Sharpologist – offers reviews on the latest shaving products and techniques.
  2. The Modest Man – offers practical advice for men of all sizes, from grooming to fashion.
  3. Grooming Lounge – provides expert advice on skincare, shaving, and haircare.
  4. Slick Motive – focuses on urban culture with grooming tips for the modern man.
  5. Men’s Health – covers all aspects of men’s health and wellness, including grooming tips.
  6. The Adult Man – provides in-depth guides covering everything from skincare to beard care.
  7. Men’s Gear – includes a section on grooming for men who want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.
  8. Joe & Co – This Indian blog has a separate section that’s just dedicated to men’s grooming and hygiene traditions in India.
  9. Menpsyche – A website based in India; they have articles on topics like skincare, haircare, oral hygiene, and sexual hygiene, among others.

Remember that taking care of yourself doesn’t just involve your physical appearance but also your mental health. Menpsyche offers helpful resources for those experiencing stress or depression-related issues.

Grooming is not just about looking better; it is also about feeling good about oneself because being well-groomed boosts confidence levels considerably.

Additionally, The Modest Man provides useful advice for men of all sizes, which gives you access to varying types of information that might fit your specific needs.

Keep up-to-date with the latest trends by following the other blogs listed above so that you always put forward your best self when it comes to personal style.

So fellas, take some time out each day to invest in yourself- whether it be taking a long shower or trying out a new hairstyle- and see how much it can positively impact your day-to-day life.

Technology And Gadgets

mens gear website

As a man who loves to stay up-to-date with the latest tech and gadgets, it’s always exciting to discover new blogs that cover these topics. Here are some great male blogs for technology and gadget lovers to follow:

  1. Men’s Gear: This digital magazine provides in-depth reviews of the latest gear, rides, tech gadgets, and more.
  2. Slick Motive: A men’s lifestyle blog that caters to urban culture with a global audience. They cover a range of topics like tech, gaming, and cars.
  3. Pinstripe Magazine: With a focus on lifestyle education for men, this blog covers everything from real estate to stocks, gadgets, fashion, cars, travel, and more.
  4. SlashGear: This team-based blog focuses on all things cutting-edge in technology and gadgets such as smartphones or tablets.
  5. The Verge: A fantastic source for tech news covering everything from phones to laptops to gaming software.

So whether you’re looking for expert reviews or just want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in technology and gadgets, these blogs have got you covered!

Career And Business

tim ferriss blog

As a man, it’s important to take charge of your career and business goals. Here are some top male blogs to follow for advice, inspiration, and insights:

  1. Tim Ferriss: Best known for his book “The 4-Hour Workweek,” Tim Ferriss also has a blog where he shares his insights on productivity, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle design.
  2. The Art of Manliness: With an emphasis on traditional masculinity, this blog offers practical tips for improving your professional skills and advancing in your career.
  3. Entrepreneur: As the name suggests, this blog is all about starting and growing your own business. From marketing to finance to leadership, you’ll find plenty of useful information here.
  4. Fast Company: For men who want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in technology and innovation, this blog is a must-read.
  5. Ramit Sethi: Whether you’re looking to negotiate a raise or start a side hustle, Ramit Sethi’s blog offers no-nonsense advice for building wealth and achieving financial success.
  6. Inc.: This popular business magazine has a website full of articles on everything from startups to corporate culture to personal development.
  7. Career Contessa: This blog is geared specifically towards women in the workplace, but many of the articles offer valuable advice for men as well.
  8. Gary Vaynerchuk: A highly successful entrepreneur and social media personality, Gary Vaynerchuk shares his thoughts on business strategy and personal branding through his blog.
  9. Harvard Business Review: The Harvard Business Review is one of the most respected publications in the field of business management. Their website offers thought-provoking articles and research studies that can help you stay ahead of the curve.
  10. AskMen: While not exclusively focused on career advice, AskMen covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to men in all areas of their lives – including work and business.

Relationships And Lifestyle

good men project website

Building strong relationships and living your best life can be challenging, but these male blogs offer helpful tips and advice:

  1. The Good Men Project – This website has become one of the most successful resources for men focused on all aspects of life, including relationships, work, and societal issues.
  2. The Art of Manliness – This blog offers articles on everything from communication skills to marriage advice.
  3. The Modern Man – Need help navigating the dating world? The Modern Man has got you covered with their expert dating advice.
  4. Fatherly – As a dad, it’s important to have resources that cover parenting and relationships. Fatherly is a great source of helpful information. (For a complete list of our favorite daddy bloggers, here’s our guide for 2023.)
  5. Urbasm – With categories like love, fitness, and style, Urbasm is an excellent resource for men wanting to improve their lifestyles and relationships.
  6. Dudefluencer – This blog focuses on positive masculinity and content related to self-care, personal growth, community building, relationships as well as professional development.

With these male blogs at your fingertips, you’ll be equipped with the tools you need to tackle any relationship issue or live your best possible life.

Travel And Adventure

nomadic boys website

If you’re a man looking for some travel and adventure inspiration, then look no further than these top male blogs to follow in 2023:

  1. Nomadic Boys – This blog is run by a gay couple who share their experiences traveling around the world. They provide recommendations on where to stay, eat, and explore.
  2. The Expeditioners – This blog is run by two brothers who go on adventures around the world. They share stunning photos and in-depth guides to destinations.
  3. Expert Vagabond – This blog is run by Matthew Karsten, who has been traveling around the world for over a decade. He provides practical advice on budget travel, adventure sports, and more.
  4. The Broke Backpacker – Run by Will Hatton, this blog focuses on budget travel and backpacking adventures around the world.

Whether you’re seeking solo adventures or looking for new destinations to explore with your friends or significant other, these male-focused travel blogs have got you covered. So get ready to pack your bags and discover new horizons!

Hobbies And Interests

bourbon and boots website

Men often need to take a break from their busy lives and indulge in some hobbies or interests that they are passionate about. Here are some of the best male blogs that cover hobbies and interests for men:

  1. Bourbon & Boots: This website provides helpful tips and tricks for hunting, fishing, camping, and rustic living.
  2. Cool Material: A blog with content on outdoor activities, entertainment, gadgets, style, and more.
  3. Brando Classic Old-Time Radio: A website for those who love old-time radio shows and vintage entertainment.
  4. The Coolector: A blog featuring topics such as design, gadgets & technology, lifestyle trends & culture.
  5. Gear Patrol: A website covering gear reviews for all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts – from hikers to cyclists to surfers.
  6. Hiconsumption: A platform dedicated to bringing its readers the latest in high-quality gadgets, gear, trends, and lifestyle products
  7. Kinfolk Magazine: A journal for people who enjoy cooking, culture & design with articles that aim to inspire creativity in everyday life

With these male blogs at your disposal, men can pursue their leisure activities by discovering new things or developing skills that they already have an interest in while staying up-to-date on trends related to their passions!

Humor And Entertainment

the chive website

Looking for a good laugh or a source of entertainment? Check out these top male blogs that offer humor and entertainment as part of their content:

  1. The Chive – A website that offers funny videos, photos, and articles with a focus on the masculine lifestyle.
  2. Cracked – A humor website that covers pop culture, science, history, and more to provide entertaining insights and perspectives.
  3. BroBible – A site that offers relatable stories about men’s lifestyle, sports, and general interest topics with a humorous twist.
  4. Duffel Blog – Satirical military website offering hilarious news articles that poke fun at military culture and politics.
  5. The Hustle – An email newsletter for men that combines business news with witty commentary to provide an entertaining read.
  6. ClickHole – A satirical website that parodies clickbait-style article headlines to deliver absurd humor.
  7. Barstool Sports – An irreverent sports blog covering everything from breaking news to viral videos while adding some tongue-in-cheek commentary along the way.
  8. The Onion – America’s premier satire news outlet delivering biting satire on politics, current affairs, media, and much more in the form of fake news articles
  9. Men’s Health – While not solely focused on humor, Men’s Health has an amusing section called ‘Guy Wisdom,’ which aims to add some levity to everyday advice on health issues like dieting fine wines or nailing a job interview.

These blogs listed above will leave you entertained and guaranteed a good laugh. Take your pick!

How To Find The Best Male Blogs For Your Interests

To find the best male blogs for your interests, we share top tips on searching for blogs in your niche, checking out social media influencers, and reading reviews and recommendations.

Search For Blogs In Your Niche

Looking for the best male blogs for your interests? Start by searching for blogs in your niche. Whether it’s health and fitness, fashion and style, or technology and gadgets, there are countless male bloggers out there who specialize in specific topics.

There are also online communities tailored to different niches that can help you discover new blogs. For example, Reddit has subreddits dedicated to everything from men’s grooming to personal development.

Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations – many bloggers are happy to share their favorite resources with their audience.

Check Out Social Media Influencers

One of the easiest ways to find male blogs that cater to your interests is by checking out social media influencers. Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are all excellent platforms for discovering new content creators who specialize in men’s fashion, grooming, health and fitness, technology, and much more.

For instance, Jose Zuniga runs a popular YouTube channel called Teaching Men’s Fashion, where he shares valuable style tips with his followers. LIO (liogomm) is another influencer worth following on Instagram if you’re interested in exploring luxury travel destinations or learning about high-end products for men.

Read Reviews And Recommendations

Looking for the best male blogs can be a daunting task, but reading reviews and recommendations from other men can make the process easier. Check out forums, social media groups, and trusted websites such as to see what other guys are saying about their favorite blogs.

You can also look for testimonials and feedback from readers on the blog’s website or social media accounts. One example is Urbasm, which has received positive reviews for its fashion and lifestyle content from both readers and industry experts alike.

Frequently Asked Questions About Male Blogs

What are some popular male blog categories to explore in 2023?

In 2023, popular male blog categories include fitness and health, fashion and style, technology, travel and adventure, finance and entrepreneurship, entertainment, and media, among others.

How can I find the best male blogs that match my interests?

You can use search engines like Google to identify top-ranked blogs or utilize online directories such as Bloglovin’ or Feedspot to search for influential niche bloggers with high-quality content.

Are there any subscription-based services that offer access to multiple male blogs at once?

Yes! There are several websites, like the Gentleman’s Gazette Premium membership program or The Art of Manliness, that provide paid access to a selection of the best men’s blogs covering various topics, from grooming tips to career advice.

Can reading male blogs benefit me professionally?

Certainly! Male blogs often offer valuable insights into industries or fields you may be interested in pursuing, such as business strategy tips for entrepreneurs or networking strategies for professionals. These resources can help enhance your skills & knowledge while staying informed on industry trends impacting workplaces around the world today.


In conclusion, finding the best male blogs for every interest can be overwhelming, especially with so many options available. However, this ultimate guide has made it easier to discover the top 75 male blogs to follow in 2023covering various niches such as fashion and style, health and fitness, personal development, relationships and lifestyle, travel and adventure, hobbies and interests, humor, and entertainment.




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