BAIC B80VJ – Chinese Knock-Off Mercedes-Benz G-Class


Regular readers of Unfinished Man know just how much we like the Mercedes-Benz G-Class and I’m sad to announce the Chinese have ruined this beautiful off-roader by making a knock-off of it (we have a post of other Chinese car knock-offs here).  The replica G-Class will be showcased at the Beijing Auto Show in April and is produced by Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., or BAIC.

The awesome shitty replica is called BAIC B80VJ (an equally shitty name) and is currently a “concept”, it will see mass production later in the year.  The B80VJ does look very much like the G-Class based on the drawings/rendering below, except for the front part (which looks like one of the Jeeps, can’t remember what it’s called).  I’m guessing BAIC changed the front thinking they’ve improved upon the G-Class’s design.

BAIC Mercedes-Benz G-Class Copy cat

The worst part about this replica is that BAIC and Mercedes signed a partnership deal last summer with the German company investing $2.87 billion to expand its operations with the Chinese car manufacturer.  With friends like BAIC, who needs enemies.  Check out the pictures below and let the fireworks begin, in the comments section.

Chinese Knock-Off Mercedes-Benz G-Class Pictures

BAIC Mercedes-Benz G-Class Knock-Off

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