Bachelor’s Guide to Having Fun in Santiago: Nightlife and Day Tours

A trip to Santiago is a great opportunity for a bachelor vacation. The city is full of life, tourists, welcoming locals, fantastic parties, and great attractions. There are many group tours for tourists you can join and make new friends in the process. The nightlife of Santiago is vibrant and will welcome you right away. Again, multiple parties, clubs, and bars offer plenty of chances to meet new people and enjoy your time there.

Bachelor’s Trip to Santiago: What to Do During the Day

If it’s your first time in the capital of Chile, you can fill your time with exploring all the best local attractions. Santiago has no shortage of museums, galleries, and parks anyone can enjoy. Some of the must-see places are:

  • San Cristobal Hill.
    The most famous place in Santiago, number one meeting spot for the tourists, and a spot with a spectacular view.
  • Museo de la Memoria.
    A museum that cannot fail to make an emotional impact and make you amazed at the strength of the Chilean people.
  • Museo de Arte Precolombino.
    This museum will be interesting for history and art lovers who want to learn about the native cultures of Chile.
  • La Moneda.
    No trip to Santiago can be complete without exploring the Presidential Palace, one of the most beautiful buildings in the entire country.
  • La Chascona.
    If you know who Pablo Neruda is and love his works, seeing this place is another must. It’s a house he built for his mistress and a place where you can learn some interesting facts about the Nobel prize winner of a poet.

If your time in the city is short or you simply want to get a better feel of it, be sure to take a city tour in Santiago. With the help of a guide, you’ll be able to explore the streets in safety and learn about the most notable places around.

Bachelor’s Trip to Santiago: Nightlife

After you spend the morning exploring some local attractions and enjoy the fantastic local foods, you can freshen up and set out on a nighttime adventure. Entertainment won’t be hard to find as long as you choose the right neighborhood. Barrio Bellavista is the place you need regardless of whether you are staying for the weekend or a 10-day vacation. There are enough bars and clubs for you to explore for days. Be sure to tour the neighborhood during the day to enjoy meeting some local artists and pick the places you want to visit at night.

From the bars of Bellavista, you can move on to nightclubs, of which there are many. Every club in the city is a world onto its own with some interesting history, design, and specialties. So, you can have fun even while planning your trip by studying all this wealth of entertainment.

Bear in mind that the activity in the clubs and local parties picks up around midnight or even later. Therefore, it’s best to start the evening relaxing in a bar and then move on to more ‘active’ fun. Prepare to party until sunrise and be sure to get a good meal before this adventure.

The majority of local clubs are conscious about their patrons’ need for nourishment, so they usually offer huge sandwiches and other quick-to-eat foods. It’s essential to get some of those if you want to keep your energy levels up and prevent feeling horrid the day after.

Another important consideration for a bachelor on a trip to Santiago is transport. Only use certified taxis or Uber cars at night. It’s best to wait for a taxi even if the walk doesn’t seem that long. You also shouldn’t carry a lot of cash on you and keep copies of all your documents in the hotel safe. Otherwise, follow the basic traveler’s safety guidelines and keep a cool head on your shoulders to enjoy a safe trip.




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