Amazon Echo Video Parody

Just last week Amazon introduced us to their latest gadget, Echo. The Amazon Echo is a personal assistant type of a gadget that supposedly makes your life easier; it’s perfect for those that are too lazy to look something up on their smartphone. The release of the gadget also came with a short video of a family experience “Alexa” first hand.

After seeing the video in our post (which we thought was cheesy), I couldn’t stop laughing at how lame it looked and I really wanted to write a post about it but was too lazy. Fortunately for me, YouTuber Barry Mannifold took the initiative to create a parody video of the Amazon Echo. The video is pretty funny and sums up what I really felt about the video.

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Going back to the original video, when I first saw it, I was quite disturbed by the “father”; he seemed to care more about “Alexa” than his wife or kids. I think he really wanted to get it on with Alex, it’s a good thing Amazon didn’t put any holes in this cylindrical object, otherwise “daddy” would’ve been spending quite a bit of “alone time” with Alexa, “exploring” her various “features”.

Below is the original Amazon Echo video for reference.

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