Amatoya ATV – Wages War On Fire

Amatoya ATV Concep Fire Fighter

Designer Liam Ferguson, gives us his concept on how to fight forest fires. The Amatoya ATV uses a military-style approach to battle fires with its dual water cannons and dune buggy like capabilities. The Amatoya ATV is capable of housing two passengers and features a high-visibility cockpit along with military-grade thermo ceramic paint to withstand high temperatures. The futuristic ATV also features a remotely operated suppression cannon outfit (ROSCO).

The Amatoya ATV looks great and all, but unfortunately it is only a concept.  I would love to see our fire fighters have access to this type of vehicle. I’m already day dreaming about bringing one of these bad boys to a water gun fight.

Concept Amatoya ATV for fighting fires



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  1. Sorry, i just see the military picking up and mounting flame throwers or light machineguns or grenade launchers on it an turn it into some kind of F.A.V.. bad it looks enought like something out of Command and Conquer


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