Aftershave Roundup: 5 of the Most Popular Designer Scents

Don’t get us wrong, we love the big budget mini-movies designer labels create to launch their newest aftershaves.

Explosions, car chases, Johnny Depp randomly digging in the middle of the desert – you can joyously waste a whole dreary Wednesday afternoon in the office trying to figure out what the heck’s going on in the latest ads.

But despite looking good and giving us a fun excuse to procrastinate, they don’t exactly tell us much about the fragrance itself.

Which means that when it comes to picking a new signature scent, you’re completely lost.

So you’re not left stranded in the beauty department of your nearest department store unable to make a decision, we’ve come up with a handy guide to five of the most popular designer fragrances around.

Yup, we’ve done the hard work for you by hunting through Fragrance Direct’s bargain offerings, and we’re sharing all the facts you need to find a new aftershave.

Take a look.

#1: Carolina Herrera 212 Men NYC
Carolina Herrera’s 212 has quickly become a favourite of the aftershave world, and for good reason.

It’s got all the traditional woody and musky elements you’d expect from a masculine scent, but they’re carefully balanced with lighter notes of grapefruit and violet to create a cool, fresh fragrance. We think it’s perfect for the sunny spring evenings right around the corner.

#2: Valentino Uomo
Fronted by the sophisticated French actor Louis Garrel, the stylish black-and-white ads for Valentino Uomo reflect the aftershave itself – a sumptuous, luxurious modern classic.

The elegant composition features bergamot, white leather, coffee and cedar, so if you’re a fan of strong yet casual fragrances you’re sure to enjoy it. It’s packed full of character and charisma, so one spritz will see you happily through a busy day at the office.

#3: Diesel Bad
Fond of making bold, sartorial statements that let you stand out from the crowd? Then Diesel Bad is the edgy aftershave for you.

Described as a woody and musky fragrance, it sounds like every other masculine scent out there but it’s saved by the unusual addition of tobacco and caviar. The daring combination is freshened up with citrus and lavender top notes.

#4: Tom Ford Noir Pour Homme
Who wouldn’t want a taste of the super successful Tom Ford’s style? The multitalented man may be making waves in Hollywood as a director, but his winning aftershave line is still one of his biggest achievements to date.

The Noir Pour Homme fragrance is a highlight, expertly blending spicy notes with spearmint, Italian lemon and violet flower to create a light, citrus scent with serious lasting power.

#5: Givenchy Play Sport for men

If you’re all about sporty, refreshing fragrances then look no further than Givenchy Play Sport.

It’s a punchy scent, with a spicy heart of pepper and amyris wood. That powerful base is then layered with striking notes of bergamot, ginger, mint and lemon leaf, to form a distinctive everyday aftershave.

There you have it, five of the most popular designer aftershaves – which one sounds like it could be a winner? Leave a comment and let us know.




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