Affordable Must-Have Accessories For Your Boat

Are you ready to put your new boat in the water? The anticipation of taking your new cruiser out on the waves can be intoxicating. Don’t forget to have all of the right gear and top of the line accessories before you hit the water.

Having all of the required nautical safety equipment is a no-brainer. You don’t want to end up paying hefty fines when you are out on the lake. But, don’t forget about all of the other nifty boat parts that every respectable boat captain will want on board.

From an onboard BBQ grill to emergency heavy lift air bags to help you get yourself out of a beached situation, having the right equipment on board can make all the difference to your daily cruises. Take a look at some of the most popular must-have accessories for the modern man and his boat.

Dry Storage Box or Bag

When you are surrounded by water you will want to have a place to keep your valuable items safe and dry. A dry box or bag can be easily stowed away on your boat and act as a safety barrier against moisture and water exposure. Put your laptop, your satellite phone or smartphone, your wallet and keys safely away in one of these waterproof and sink proof lifesavers.

Floater Key Chain

Nothing can ruin your day on the water faster than accidentally dropping your boat keys into the marina. Save yourself the trouble by adding a foam floater key chain to your key ring. These foam key chains will help to keep your keys afloat if they happen to fall overboard.

Onboard BBQ Grill

These portable propane grills are perfect for a day out on the water. Grill up some burgers or a juicy steak right on your own boat. The collapsible design makes for easy setup and storage. When dealing with any kind of cooking vessel on board your boat, it is essential to make sure that your fire extinguishers are full and operational.

Fishing Rod Rack

When you are out fishing with the guys, a fishing rod rack is the perfect accessory. Run multiple lines and keep your hands free by stowing active lines on these convenient racks. They can be easily mounted along the gunnels of your boat and used in any weather or fishing conditions.

First Aid Kit

This may seem like an obvious piece of safety equipment, but you would be surprised how many boaters go out on the waves without one. First aid kits can be bought in all shapes and sizes. It’s important to have the basics including bandages, pain and fever medication, anti nausea tablets and burn ointment. If you have the right supplies, you can take care of any kind of injury until you can reach the shore for more help.

Satellite Phone

If your boat is not equipped with an onboard radio, you may want to purchase a satellite phone for when you hit the water. Being able to communicate with emergency services or the Coast Guard is a must for any boat captain. Your normal phone might not have reception when you’re way out in the waters, that’s why it’s important to have a reliable satellite phone in case of an emergency.




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