Account Suspension In Amazon: How To Get Rid Of The Issue

Online shopping websites like Amazon and eBay are customer-centric. If you are a seller on such websites and fail to abide by the rules, your account will be suspended. However, you can get suspension protection if you keep a few things in mind.

1. Understand Amazon’s Business Principles

Amazon sellers are expected to understand the basic principles of Amazon’s business. A-Z claim assistance services of Amazon ensure that customers have a positive experience. Sellers need to understand the reasons behind such claims and mitigate them to sustain in the marketplace. If you search with “Amazon suspended my account,” some search results will guide you to focus on customer obsession and other aspects.

2. Be Serious About Performance Metrics

You will find that Amazon suspended your account if you do not take the performance metrics seriously. You can avoid Amazon B related account suspensions by looking at top metrics like order defect and late shipment rates. Amazon FBA is the feature that revolves around shipping the products of a seller. The performance metrics such as late shipment rate and on-time delivery takes into consideration only self-fulfilled orders.

3. Check Your Listings

You need to be careful about your listings, especially if you are using Amazon Dropshipping. Your account can get suspended if you forget to remove an item from your listings when it’s out of stock. However, if your account gets suspended, for this reason, do not try to cover it with forged or manipulated supplier documentation. You should come clean to Amazon about any discrepancies in your listings. Issues in your listings can even lead to ASIN removals.

4. Improve Your Communication

If your Amazon seller account gets suspended, you should contact the Seller Performance Team. They will be able to help you reinstate your account. You will have to submit an appeal to Amazon Appeal Services. But you should make proper use of the appealing feature and don’t rush in submitting your first appeal. While appealing, the seller will also have to submit an Amazon POA. The POA includes what the seller will be doing to improve the account.

5. Don’t Wait To Be Contacted By Amazon

You should start identifying issues with your account and report them to the company before they contact you. For instance, negative feedback removal is possible in two ways. You can either contact Amazon or the buyer who gave that review. However, you should never force a customer to remove negative reviews of your product. If you receive the notification of suspension, you should contact the Amazon account manager. Sellers sometimes create a new account on Amazon seller central when their account gets suspended. You should avoid doing that because it could mean more trouble for you.

Closing Thoughts

Amazon intellectual property claims are taken very seriously by the company. You can prevent your seller account from getting suspended if you consider Amazon as your primary customer. Becoming an Amazon seller is a privilege that you should not let go of because of silly mistakes.



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