A Guide to MVHR Systems for Homes

MVHR systems are very popular in offices and some manufacturing environments, and while they are popular in homes too, a lot of homeowners still don’t know how they work or if they’re a good option for them. MVHR systems do have lots of things going for them, but they’re not for every home and some households will benefit from them more than others. You also have to know some of the specifications of these systems before you decide whether they’re the right option for you. Here’s a quick guide to MVHR systems for homes.

What is MVHR Exactly?

Simply put, MVHR systems use inside air to temper outside air coming in. They do this through a system of ducts and ventilators. Air that is being cooled or heated inside gets mixed with air being pulled from outside through a heat exchange chamber. This reduces the amount of work your heating or AC system has to do to temper that air, which ultimately results in energy savings.

Why Should I Get an MVHR System?

An MVHR system will help you save money if you rely a lot on your air conditioning and heating systems. Those who live in very cold areas with hot summers are going to benefit the most from this.

If you want an estimate of how much you can expect to save, the average homeowner could save anywhere from 25% to 50% on energy just by installing one of these systems. And, depending on your property and the unit you get, you could recuperate on your installation cost pretty quickly.

This is why who you choose to install the system is very important as is the unit you pick. If you want to know how to pick a good MVHR system, you should check out what BPC Ventilation has to say about the subject.

MVHR systems are not only great for cost savings, however. MVHR systems are also great for removing harmful bacteria and pathogens from the air. They also reduce humidity, which prevents those bacteria from proliferating in the first place.

A Few Words of Warning About MVHR Systems

One of the things you should know about MVHR systems is that they cannot be installed in all homes. This is because there needs to be a level of air tightness for them to work properly. So, you will have to have someone inspect your property to see if your home meets the air tightness requirements.

This also means that you may not be able to install this kind of system if you have an older property or one in the country. Older homes and rural homes usually don’t have the airtightness needed for them and they also aren’t always suited for the kind of ductwork that needs to be performed. So, if you have a home like this, you might want to reconsider having an MVHR system installed.

MVHR systems are great and if your home can fit one and you have the money, we would at least suggest that you research them more in-depth. You do have to make sure that your house would be a good candidate, however, and have realistic expectations as to what they can do.



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