A Frugal Bride’s Guide to Cheap Wedding Venue Ideas

The average wedding costs $33,900 in 2019! If that seems out of your budget, then don’t fret.

Finding a wedding venue that doesn’t bankrupt you might sound like a diamond in the rough. But the truth is there are a ton of cheap wedding venues that can still guarantee a special day.

Do you want your wedding day to look like a million bucks, but don’t have the budget? Then don’t miss this guide to cheap wedding venue ideas.

Choose a Cheap Day

Before you even start looking for the location, choosing the right day for your event can make a huge difference for your budget. Holiday weekends or even certain times of the year can mean a much higher ticket price.

If you can wait for a less popular season (summer is the busiest) and also avoid the weekend, particular Saturdays, then you are already well on your way to saving some money. 

Saturday is the most sought-after day of the week for weddings. Even booking on a Friday or Sunday can significantly drop the price in half. Off-season months include November and January.

Location, Location

If you’re willing to have your wedding in a smaller town rather than a big city, then you can save some major cash. You don’t have to go that far outside of the city limits to see prices get lower. 

It may be a slight inconvenience for some but your wallet will be thanking you. Plus, you may be able to get some countryside views in the process! Wedding venues in the country are some of the beautiful locations around!

Find an All-Inclusive Package

If you can find one venue that will do everything for you, it could not only be a cost saver but a time saver too! Having one venue for both your wedding and reception will be super convenient for you and guests. Plus it will save you the cost of having to book two venues.

Even if you still get married at a separate location or church, you can find all-inclusive packages for your reception. They often will include decorations, food, and cake. Typically your venue will be able to make deals with different service providers and then pass the savings on to you!

Use Own Your Backyard

If you plan on having a casual event rather than formal, then having your wedding in your own backyard may be the perfect option. Having your event in your own or a family member’s backyard is one of the best go-to casual wedding ideas.

However, keep in mind that if you are looking for a more formal event, it could be more expensive to rent tables, chairs, silverware, a tent, etc. 

Keep Things Small

It may be easier said than done but having a small wedding of 50 people or less is one of the best ways to instantly save money. You won’t need to worry about renting a huge venue and you can always have a small dinner rather than a full-blown party.

Smaller weddings can be more laid back, less stressful, and more intimate. It’s a matter of figuring out your priorities and what works best for you. 

Cheap Wedding Venue Ideas

These are just a few cheap wedding venue ideas to get you started! You don’t have to choose the conventional wedding venue if your priority is to save money.

There are plenty of unique wedding venue ideas to choose from. We hope you have fun picking out your wedding location! 

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