9 Brilliant Ways to Manage and Enjoy Your Small Living Space

Most of us dream of owning a big house with bigger kitchens, rooms, and enough space for everything we own. However, you may lack the financial muscles to purchase such a home. Hence, settling for a small house with small living spaces is necessary. Contrary, some people have chosen a minimalist lifestyle and prefer to live in smaller homes. If you find yourself in any of these situations, you surely need ideas on managing and enjoying your small living space. From design to proper storage, here are some brilliant ways to manage and enjoy your small living space.

Do away with non-essential items

If you are moving from a bigger house to a small one, do away with some of your old stuff. This can be a painful exercise, yet very necessary. Bringing everything along means you may be short of space, and your home will be overcrowded. So, sort through your belongings and give out anything of less use to you. The old gadgets and furniture that used to cover space in your old big home are not welcome in this small home. The old unused clothes packed in extra bags should also find their place in a dump site. Doing this diligently will help you manage your small living space.

Choose small furniture

Your new living room may not be able to accommodate the big furniture you and its associated items. Your set of sofas will have to be reduced according to the size of your living room. Your large TV console and center table may also need smaller replacements. All other décor materials that will make the room look overcrowded should be discarded. You need the living room to be as lively and organized as possible. If you live in a studio room, use multipurpose furniture such as a sofa bed or a foldable dining table.

Stay organized

One of the best ways to utilize your small home and make it functional is to stay organized. Be intentional with how you position your stuff. Don’t leave things scattered around as such act even makes a bigger space look smaller. Position your furniture well in your living room, and your bedrooms should have beds in positions that leave extra space for other things.

Create storage spaces

Maximizing storage spaces is a necessity when living in a small home. If you don’t have enough storage space, create overhead ones in your store room or garage. Installing overhead garage storage will not only maximize the garage space but also make the garage look less cluttered and spacious.

It is most useful for storing items that you don’t need to access frequently. These can include your tools, holiday decorations, camping gear, etc. Everything that is not of frequent use should be kept in storage spaces.

Always tidy up

When living in a small space, the least you would want is to create a messy environment. Cleaning up frequently and putting things where they should be is very important. Since you’ve already gotten rid of unnecessary stuff and kept things organized, staying tidy is easier. Tidy up your bedrooms by making your bed, sweeping, and not leaving clothes scattered around. In your living room, ensure that your sofa and other furniture are where they should be, and clean the place frequently.

For the kitchen, do the dishes after cooking, wipe the countertops, and sweep or vacuum the floor. Keep your cabinet organized and ensure that all kitchen items are where they should be.

Don’t forget to also clean your bathroom as frequently as possible.

Choosing the right colors help

You can utilize colors to create an illusion of a bigger space for your rooms. Brighter rooms always feel open and bigger; hence, choose light paint colors for your rooms. Colors like white, off-white, lighter shades of blue, beige, etc., can create a spacious illusion for your rooms. Your ceiling paint should be lighter than what you used for the walls.

Make use of the vertical space

You must free up as much floor space as possible when living in a small room. Alternatively, use your walls and corners for most of your storage. You can create shelves on the wall for your books and decor items. Vertical space in the kitchen can be used for storage and hanging cooking utensils and tools. Utilizing the walls can save you extra space in your room.

Maximize natural light

Another brilliant way to make your small room look spacious is to use natural light. Your curtains should be light enough to allow the penetration of natural light into your room. When the room looks brighter, it feels bigger.

Make use of your outdoor space

Spending time outside the main house to enjoy the environment around is a great way to reduce the stress of living in a small space. You can choose to undertake some of the daily tasks outside and enjoy the freshness of the environment. You can create a patio outside to be used for dining, recreation, and relaxation.


Living in a small space can be very challenging, yet it brings out your creative vibe. So, no matter what ends you in that small house, see it as an opportunity and make the best out of it. Reconsidering your lifestyle and taste is the best way to enjoy a small living space. Be as simple as possible, make cleaning and decluttering a habit, and create enough space by taking advantage of overhead storage, and you will surely enjoy your small house.



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