7 Ways You Can Get Free Bitcoins

Many people dream of receiving cryptocurrency money easily. But few people understand how to get bitcoins for free. Occasionally, some blockchain projects deliberately carry out the so-called distribution of coins. Since the modern financial market is constantly improving, people need to be hooked and lured with something in such an industry that concerns cryptocurrency. Let’s look at the TOP 7 effective ways that make getting bitcoin a reality.

BTC trading

To get bitcoin for free, it is enough to know auxiliary options for additional profit. There can be an unrealistic number of options for investing in the crypto world. But the most popular remains the BTC. You can buy it on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Provision of services

It is important to understand that if someone provides some service, he can safely request payment in bitcoins. You will have to discuss with a client such nuances of cooperation and the form in which crypto coins will be credited to the account because the customer should at least have the opportunity to pay for the work in cryptocurrency.

All crypto money can be exchanged for bitcoins or other types of cryptocurrency. Among the popular services that have recently been successful and for which you can get bitcoins are IT developers, programmers, computer scientists, and specialists working remotely.

Blockchain blocks

Specialists who maintain blockchain blogs can earn money immediately in bitcoins without any problems. For them, to get bitcoins for free is easy. If they have an online platform with its own tokens, all that remains is to gain activity on their blog and earn money on such banal and simple things as views, likes, comments, etc.

Crypto games

The concept is “play and earn.” What could be more pleasant and easier? But to get BTC for free, you will have to try hard. In each game, you must complete levels, go through stages, improve characters or equipment, and earn money by selling things. There is a real opportunity to get free cryptocurrencies in the corresponding tokens. Among the popular ones, the following online crypto games should be emphasized:

  1. Altcoin Fantasy. The online platform is more like an educational one, but with the issuance of crypto rewards. Those users who love trading contests and finance will be interested in it.
  2. Axie Infinity. The main concept of the game is directly related to virtual animals. The online game allows gamers to breed animals, sell or buy them and perform tasks for which they can receive free crypto coins.
  3. Rollercoin.com. The essence of the game is based on getting dogecoins, Ethereum, Bitcoins, BNB, and Matic for completing levels. You can do characters for yourself. After creating it, you can immediately start mining. It’s possible to get dogecoin for free.
crypto mining game


Nowadays, by buying various equipment, household goods, clothes, and other things in online stores, people can earn free bitcoins without any problems.

Everything is easy – the function of many online stores and shopping sites is to provide cashback for purchases. It can be done in a very interesting and useful way – allowing buyers to accumulate electronic money. So, received cashback can then be used for additional standard purchases, it will usually be credited in cryptocurrency in a certain type of tokens used by one or another online trading platform.

Registration of crypto loans

Most people around the world think about taking loans online. So, lenders have thought of everything very well in this regard. By signing smart contracts as interest on their crypto and NFT wallets, they will not only get back the entire amount but also commissions earned in an essentially honest way. Now dividends with the help of crypto loans can be received in cryptocurrency, so this niche is actively developing.


The principle of working with advertisements is extremely simple. A person can get free cryptocurrency money for entering certain queries on the browser and viewing advertisements. In fact, any new client will be paid some money just for using a particular browser. The scheme is extremely simple, but keep in mind that you can join a program called Brave Rewards for regular earnings in this direction. There the crypto reward will be sent to subscribers in a specific BAT equivalent.

Important to remember

Since there are always changes in the cryptocurrency market, it is necessary to understand that any source of income today is good in its own way. In order not to be limited to one, you can pick up several at once. The main thing is to find your method, which will bring the largest number of crypto coins that rise in price.




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