7 Tips on How to Order Flowers Online

AThe thought of buying someone flowers must have come across your mind but you are a shy person and you don’t want to give the flowers in person. If this is the your problem, you can have it delivered to their doorstep instead through an online flower delivery service. This option is also good if the recipient lives in out of state or is in another country. The following are 7 tips on how to have a happy experience when shopping for online flower delivery services.

1. Check Whether the Florist Deliver to Your Location

Not all flower delivery sites will deliver to your location. If you are interested in ordering, you must first check the shipping section at the site to find out the areas where it deliver to. For example, some sites may state it deliver within a country but they actually only deliver to certain states in the country. There are also global flower delivery sites that will deliver to any location around the world.

2. Give a Meaningful Bouquet for the Recipient

When buying flowers for someone, you will think what flowers to buy. If the recipient has a favorite flower, you should try to include it in the flower bouquet you send. If you don’t know what flower the recipient like, you can create a meaningful flower bouquet especially for the person. Every flower has meaning so try to include different flowers to create a custom message through the bouquet you give.

3. Including a Note Card in the Flower Bouquet

You must not forget to include a card in the bouquet. They usually let you include a small note card to let you write a message to the recipient. You don’t have to write a long message, just to write a sentence with 5 – 15 words in the note card. In the card, you must not forget to include your name so that the recipient know that the flower is from you.

4. Customize the Bouquet with Other Add-ons

You must ask yourself whether you want to add anything aside from the bouquet for example vase, candy, balloon, and teddy bear. Many bouquets nowadays include free vase or basket so that the recipient can immediately display it on the table when it arrives. If the flower is for someone close, you can include a balloon customized with you and the recipient initials. It is also up to you to customize the balloons with a short message

5. Set a Flower Delivery Date

When you order flowers online, you will be asked to set a date when the flowers will arrive at the recipient. The recipient must sign the flower delivery otherwise the postman will just leave it on the ground. Therefore, make sure that you know where the recipient will be and at what time he/she will be available to collect the flower from the postman when he arrives.

6. Good Customer Service

The online florist you buy from should provide good customer service. They should not only be knowledgeable in helping customers who have questions on the maintenance of the flowers for example how to keep the flowers fresh longer, and what flower arrangement is suited for an occasion. The online florist should have a physical headquarter and at least one customer support telephone number. You can find out if the online florist has good reputation by checking the written reviews.

7. Check the FAQ and Refund Policy

Before ordering, make sure you have read FAQ page and the terms and condition. The FAQ page will provide information on how they package and send the flower, who arrange the flower and extra fees. There is always chances that something might happen during the delivery so you must always check the refund policy. For example, the recipient is not at home or the delivery is delayed for some reasons. In this case, you will want to know what will happen to the flower you order. The refunds policy will provide information on about how you can get a refund if the flower is not delivered on time.




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