7 Hacks for Booking the Cheapest Flights

Planning a trip can be super exciting, but the cost of flights can put a real damper on your travel budget. However, with some savvy planning and a few insider tricks, you can score some incredibly cheap flights, even during peak season. Whether you’re a budget backpacker or a luxury jet setter, every tourist wants to maximize their vacation funds. Use these seven hacks to start booking the cheapest flights every time you travel.

Use a Hidden or Incognito Browser

When searching for flights online, airlines and travel sites use cookies and browsing history data to gauge demand and adjust fares accordingly. To prevent this, always search incognito or private. This prevents these sites from hiking up prices based on your interest and locks in the lowest fares. Tourists who consistently use private browsing when researching flights save an average of 15% on airfare costs.

Travel During the Off-season

Aim to travel when others aren’t. School holidays, summer, and major festivals or events all drive up demand significantly. But the rest of the year, tourists can score huge discounts on flights simply by being flexible with dates. Traveling just a week or two before or after peak dates can slash airfare costs by 40% or more. The bonus? Smaller crowds at attractions, cheaper hotel rates, and a more relaxing vibe.

Make Use of Comparison Websites

Aggregator sites allow you to easily compare flight options across airlines and dates in one place. Leverage these sites to shop airfares and optimize both cost and convenience. Pro tip: As mentioned above, try deleting cookies between searches to prevent these sites from upping prices based on your interest.

Set Up Flight Trackers

Find flight deals from MKE and other US airports by using airfare trackers. Sites like Going.com can alert you when an exceptionally low fare pops up to your chosen destinations. Act fast once you get that golden email as the deepest discounts have very limited availability. Consider setting up a dedicated deal-hunting email address just for flight alerts but make sure to check it daily so you don’t miss out.

Take Advantage of Mistake Airfares

Every so often, airlines will accidentally list insanely low fares due to a technical glitch or input error. Savvy travelers pounce on these mistake airfares when they rarely appear, scoring dream trips for a fraction of the usual cost. Though they often sell out in seconds, mistake fares can save you hundreds if you can act lightning fast.

Use Air Miles

When used strategically, airline miles can cover the cost of flights entirely. Take advantage of sign-up bonuses that are linked to the airlines you usually fly with and look for ways to rack up extra points through dining programs, shopping portals, surveys, and more. Avoid letting miles expire, which can happen after as little as 18 months. Cash them in for your next trip to put a huge dent in airfare costs.

Book Flights During the Optimal Booking Window

Research shows the prime time to book domestic flights is typically 1-3 months in advance while international flights are best booked 2-8 months out. Aim to book within or close to these windows to secure the best fares before they start climbing. Setting fare alerts can help notify you of price spikes during this period. Last-minute deals can be found but they’re not as common as they used to be.

With the right planning and tricks, finding affordable flights doesn’t have to be a source of travel stress. Follow these tips to keep your next vacation within budget while maximizing your experience. Happy and savvy traveling!



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