6 Tips To Make Your Monaco F1 Grand Prix Experience The Best Ever

Every year, Monaco hosts the most popular and well-known race called the Formula One Grand Prix. And while the race itself is incredibly exciting, it’s not the only attraction of the event. In fact, many celebrities make a turn and you can expect to see some of the most luxurious parties take place around you. And if you want to ensure that you enjoy every second you spend at the F1 Grand Prix in Monaco, here are some tips to make it happen.

1. Get Clarity On The Dates

As mentioned earlier, the event takes place annually and Monaco has always been a fantastic host. Now, the date when the Grand Prix races started making noise was way back in 1929, but you’re a little late for that one. Luckily, you get to go this year, so make sure you have all the necessary dates and time. Because if nothing else, you don’t want to miss this adrenaline pumping display of driving. So, while you may think you have an idea when the date is, don’t take any chances. Get the info on when the qualifiers take place, and when the big show-off starts and get some Monaco F1 tickets. Otherwise, you might as well try watching that race back in 1929.

2. Interesting Information Regarding The Race

There is no denying the reputation of this annual race in Monaco. Thanks to the glamor and atmosphere, almost everyone has heard about it or seen it on television. And given that the course is made up of those narrow Monaco streets, the challenge is definitely on. Everything is tight, from the corners to the tunnel and even the elevation dynamics, which means speed is only one of many variables that go into winning. In fact, it requires a perfect balance of speed control and expert maneuvering if you want to see that finish line first. But in spite of the lower speed, the track still puts the drivers through their paces and creates a real dangerous environment.

The first driver to claim victory in the streets of Monaco was none other than William Grover-Williams, and he did it with a Bugatti. Graham Hill, on the other hand, has earned the nickname of Mr. Monaco, given that he’s occupied the number one podium five times. However, it’s the legendary Ayrton Senna who boasts with the record of six official wins, five of which were consecutive, starting in 1989 and ending in 1993.

3. Additional Attractions To Look Out For

Even though the race is the highlight of the weekend in Monaco, the ambiance and atmosphere are not limited to those roaring engines. All around Monaco people are in a cheerful and celebratory mood, meaning you can really make it a weekend to remember. For example, get a drink at the very popular La Rascasse bar. You won’t have to worry about parking, you can expect the best live music, and the atmosphere is simply addictive.

Another thing you can try is to walk the pit lane with the rest of the fans when the track opens. Naturally, the most popular teams are going to be a little crowded, but it’s definitely worth the walk if you want to see how things work from close-range. In fact, if you are lucky, some of the drivers might give an autograph or two.

What else can you do to entertain yourself while you’re there? Well, the Casino de Monte-Carlo is the perfect place to unwind, and maybe try your luck at the slots or table games. Just keep your passport handy and wear the proper attire if you want to get in. If it happens that you visit the casino after 8 p.m, wear a jacket. Alternatively, the Prince’s Palace has the best view of the State Apartments if you don’t feel like gambling.

4. The Best Position To Watch The Race

Honestly, it doesn’t really matter where you are, you’ll get to see some exciting stuff happen. But if you need some direction, you can try the Casino Square. At this point in the race, the drivers make a right-hand turn with speeds up to 77 miles per hour. And not only will you have an amazing view of the Casino de Monte-Carlo, but the big screen nearby shows you how the rest of the race is going in other areas.

Another hot-spot is the Tabac Corner. This is where the drivers get a taste of the first S-curve, and they normally navigate it at speeds reaching 96 miles per hour. You’ll be sitting in a grandstand, with views overlooking the harbor as well as a big screen to follow the race as it plays out in other sections of the track.

5. Finding Accommodation

Unless you book your place in advance, and you have a lot of money to spend, it’s going to be a challenge finding a place to stay. This is because the hotels can get very expensive, and the driving teams rent more than just one or two rooms. This is why you should consider the surrounding cities, for example, Nice, Menton, or Cannes, France. They have airports, unlike Monaco, which makes it much easier to fly in and find suitable and affordable accommodation. From there you simply take a bus or train, which is very quick and convenient.

6. Finding Your Way

It is safe to assume most of the fans are going to opt for outer-city accommodation, and this is why it will be much easier to simply take the train. And when you arrive in Monaco at the main train station, you’ll be in the middle of everything so-to-speak.

However, if you really feel like driving, Thursday and Friday will be the best days given the low traffic. But during the weekend, you might want to think twice about driving. In case you are stressed about parking, the underground lots are usually within walking distance from the circuit. It’s recommended to pre-book a space, just to ensure you don’t have problems finding a suitable space.

As for navigating and walking around the circuit, take note when certain sections are going to be closed off for pedestrians at certain times, seeing as the city streets serve as the circuit, this only makes sense. Additionally, you’ll find more than enough walkways, tunnels, and bridges that take you to all the interesting places you want to go.

Now that you know what to expect, use these tips to make your Grand Prix experience one you will always remember.




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