6 Stylish Cannabis Accessories for the Trendsetting Toker

Long gone are the days of simply lighting up some green. Now, high-tech methods of consumption and innovative accessories have heightened Mary Janes’ influence. If you haven’t upgraded your herbal arsenal, now is the perfect time to explore what the industry has to offer. Here are six stylish accessories for the trendsetting toker.

A hand-blown dab rig

Dab rigs are not a new addition to the smoking scene, but their rise in popularity has produced a wide range of variations between rigs. Professional glass blowers have mastered the art of crafting practical and artistic pieces. Made with stoners in mind, glass rigs feature intricate percolators and a user-friendly design. Not only do they provide the perfect hit each time, but they also make a beautiful display you will be proud to show off. To find one-of-a-kind hand-blown rigs, start by perusing quality retailers like MJ Arsenal.

A smell-proof bag

For stoners-on-the-go or those who just want to be discreet, a smell-proof bag is an invaluable purchase. The tiny envelopes are easy to transport or store in your home, and come in various stylish designs. Synthetic leather versions make a sleek addition to messenger bags or office spaces while featuring a zipper department specifically for lighters. If you’re up for something a bit more flashy, a holographic bag will suit your style.

An automated oil infuser

If you’ve ever cooked up your own edibles, you know how tedious it is to infuse butter or oil. With an automated infuser, all you have to do is add your favorite strain and preferred oil. With the push of a button, all that’s left to do is sit back and let the machine do the work. The high-tech devices are as sleek in appearance as they are functional, so it blends in seamlessly with other kitchen appliances.

A five-piece grinder

Swap out your old scratched-up grinder for an upgraded version. Five-piece grinders are both affordable and surprisingly effective. The added mesh compartments allow you to collect more fine herb dust, and the varying size in grinders breaks down bud quicker. Look for well-designed versions that are durable, because you never know when an accidental drop might occur.

24-karat rolling papers

Sure, rolling up with the average paper gets the job done, but you’ll never know true luxury until you experience 24-karat tokes. Made with edible gold leaf and hemp, gilded papers offer a distinct taste that compliments the herb. These 24-karat rolling papers also incorporate a slow-burning interior paper, so your puffs will last longer.

World’s smallest vacuum

For those inevitable spills and fumbles, a tiny vacuum you can hold between two fingers is a life-saver. Keep the machine in your smoke bag for easy transportation to your next session. At the end of the week, you’d be surprised how many stray cannabis crumbles get collected. Both functional and funny, you’ll never fail to get a laugh out of the crowd when you whip out the world’s most miniature vacuum.

Go green

High-tech herbal advances have made enjoying herb more efficient, stylish, and fun. By adding one of these trendsetting accessories to your arsenal, you’ll take your smoking experience to new highs.



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