6 Most Important Dress Codes for Men

The fashion world is constantly changing and evolving. Various clothing styles and trends come and go in and out of fashion. However, there are certain dress codes that are basically considered to be evergreen. With just a few small tweaks and changes here and there, these dress codes remain the same each year.

Now, even though there are those dress codes you simply can’t go wrong with, figuring out which one to go with can still feel overwhelming. Simply put, you should choose an outfit based on the situation you are attending. And yes, this does sound easier than it actually is. That’s why we’ve decided to list out 6 most important dress codes for men and see what are the best occasions they should be sported at.


Formal dress codes for men usually involve a well-fitting suit and shirt and either a bow tie or a tie. Now, the best way to decide what to wear will be depending on the formal event you’re about to attend. Usually, the invitation will state if it’s a white-tie or a black-tie event you’re invited to. Of course, if it’s a white-tie event, you should swap your regular jacket for a fancy tuxedo. On the other hand, if you’re invited to a formal wedding, you can easily choose to replace your regular tie with a nice bow tie and bring more interest to your look without looking or feeling underdressed. In the end, if you’re still uncertain which of these options to go with, you can always call in and ask for additional information.


Semi-formal events, such as cocktail parties and sometimes weddings call for semi-formal attire. Here, you’ll usually have way more wiggle room to get creative with your outfit. The base of every semi-formal outfit is either a well-fitting semi-formal suit or a nice pair of pants followed by a stylish blazer. However, if you want to have a bit more fun, you can always replace your blazer with a nice cardigan. Here, ties can usually be left out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear one if you want to. More often than not, in a semi-formal setting, shirts with interesting patterns, a nice pair of pants and some stylish loafers will work just fine.

Business formal

Formal business attire is usually a good choice when you want to establish yourself as a professional. Once again, a well-fitting suit is the best way to go. However, unlike the previous two occasions, this suit should be muted in color – black, deep navy blue and charcoal gray are usually the best options. Also, there’s no need for double breasted jackets and wing-collar white shirts. A simple business-appropriate suit with a nice fitting shirt will be more than good. On top of that, you should always make sure that you pair your outfit with a pair of black dress shoes. To add just another sprinkle of professionalism, make sure you elevate the entire look with a statement wristwatch. Other accessories, such as tie pins and cufflinks are welcome but not mandatory in most cases.

Business casual

When it comes to the business casual style, the trick is to learn how to blend these two dress styles successfully. This dress code is appropriate for many occasions. For instance, a business casual style would be a great choice for casino outfits. Such a setting requires you to look neat and well-put-together bud doesn’t necessarily call for a suit. Here, think in terms of casual button-downs – checkered, gingham and even striped prints will work just fine, khaki pants or even some nice jeans and any type of comfortable, stylish shoes. Loafers and similar types of shoes will work great with a business casual outfit. If you live in a warm climate, you can even replace the loafers with a pair of stylish leather sandals. On top of that, you can instantly elevate any business casual outfit with a nice sports blazer.


Casual dress codes usually require the least amount of work, but again, the outfit will greatly depend on where you’re going. For instance, if your workplace has causal dress code, you need to make sure just how “casual” it can really get. Some workplaces, even though they support a casual dress code, don’t really allow shorts or flip flops. However, if you’re invited to your friend’s casual birthday party, you may be able to get away with it. So, always make sure just how casual you can get with your outfit, to avoid looking or feeling underdressed.

Dressy casual

Dressy casual is also often referred to as “smart casual”. This is basically a slightly upgraded version of casualwear. Most often this type of dress code is reserved for job interviews and client meetings – in the business world, or fun nighttime events and get-togethers – in the world of socializing. Here, you can go as stylish as you want to but make sure all of your pieces are comfortable and laid-back. Trendy t-shirts, fancy sneakers and a statement pair of jeans are a great choice for social gatherings, while button-downs, high-end footwear and any type of nice pants are a great option for a business setting.

These six dress codes are considered to be the most important dress codes you should get familiar with. Again, even though clothing trends are ever-changing, you simply can’t go wrong with some of these pieces. Just make sure you know what type of dress code the occasion you’re about to attend calls for.




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