6 Great Places to Visit During Your Vacation in Harrisburg

The city of Harrisburg seems to enjoy its status as the state capital of Pennsylvania and you will discover that it works hard at giving visitors a warm welcome and offering you plenty of things to see and do.

Here is a look at some of those great places that you can visit during your time there, including a chance to learn some history and science in a fun way and plenty of chances to appreciate what nature has to offer.

Enjoy its architectural splendour

If you are staying in the city for a few days or more accommodation like the Courtyard Harrisburg Hershey should prove ideal for getting around to see the major attractions in the area with ease.

That includes the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building on Third Street which is well worth exploring, and President Roosevelt was noted as saying that this Renaissance-style building was one of the most handsome that he ever saw.

Thought-provoking attraction

Another one for your itinerary would be the National Civil War Museum.

The exhibits on display at the museum will provide plenty of food for thought and provide you with an enjoyable educational experience.

The National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg is also renowned for presenting an unbiased overview of both sides of this major conflict.

A great example of urban nature

You don’t always expect to see too much nature within such close proximity to a city but Wildwood Park Nature Center manages to surprise and delight plenty of visitors.

Situated on the outskirts of downtown Harrisburg you will find Wildwood Park, which provides several hundred acres of interesting and attractive nature trails to explore.

Within Wildwood Park is the Olewine Nature Center which provides some engaging exhibits and how we can encourage nature in an urban environment.

Picture-perfect spot to enjoy in Harrisburg

Some attractions don’t always grab the headlines in an area where some higher-profile attractions dominate but visitors who take the trouble to visit Fort Hunter Mansion and Park are rarely disappointed.

Situated a short way up the river from Harrisburg itself, Fort Hunter offers beautiful views of the Susquehanna and the house is a little historical gem that you will also enjoy exploring.

Great family entertainment

If you are looking for an attraction that keeps the whole family entertained the State Museum of Pennsylvania ticks all the right boxes.

The museum is dedicated to celebrating and educating visitors about the history and heritage of Pennsylvania and there are bound to be plenty of points of interest amongst the two million objects housed there.

Another must-see attraction for families

If you are on a family vacation it would also be worthwhile visiting the Whitaker Center, which is a performing arts and science center on Market Street in Harrisburg.

The kids will love the IMAX theater here and the science center is very adept at engaging young minds and keeping them busy for hours.

If you come to Harrisburg on vacation you won’t be short of things to see and do.




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