5 Ways You Can Keep Your Divorce Proceedings Civil

So, you have had a couple of months, if not years, of sour relationship with your spouse, and after a few rough patches that don’t seem to have worked, you finally decide to call it quits. You are divorcing.

Understandably, you feel emotionally overwhelmed by the coming to an end of your marriage. However, you opt for a civil divorce to avoid unnecessary drama and repercussions.

Of course, it’s not easy to remain civil during your divorce, considering the time and emotions you’ve spent on the relationship. The scenario is even more uncomfortable and complicated if kids are involved and vast assets to divide.

Being civil during your divorce proceedings is highly beneficial to you but can influence the court’s outcome in your favor. Here are 5 ways you can keep your divorce proceedings civil.

1. Keep Your Private Thoughts to Yourself

During the divorce proceedings, there will be a time you will have to deal with your soon-to-be ex-spouse regarding some aspects of the marriage dissolution. It’s okay to feel angry, betrayed, frustrated and ashamed by how things turned out with your marriage. However, there is a time and place to express those emotions.

To avoid saying something you might regret later, it is essential to keep your private thoughts to yourself. If it helps, develop techniques that will help your focus on the issues at hand. For example, write down the topics to talk about to avoid going off-topic.

2. Focus on Resolving Issues and Not on Revenge

Going after your spouse to exact your revenge and make them feel the pain you are going through may be tempting. The gratification of revenge is temporary and does not make things any better.

Instead of directing your energy on being proved right, focus on resolving the issues that lead to a peaceful divorce. Going head-on with your spouse in a showdown of trying to prove who is right does not coincide with ways of keeping your divorce civil.

3. Focus on Yourself

Divorce can have a devastating effect on your mental and physical well-being. Therefore, it is essential to focus on yourself during a divorce process. To keep your physical health top-notch, ensure you get enough sleep every day, engage in enjoyable activities and hobbies that take your mind off the divorce proceedings and spend time with your loved one.

To take care of your emotional well-being, find a divorce support system to help you through the challenging process. Taking care of yourself enables you to present the best version of yourself during the proceedings, thereby avoiding altercations and confrontations with your ex-spouse.

4. Choose Mediation Over Litigation

Divorce proceedings can turn ugly if held in a divorce court. Having a court handle your divorce is like washing dirty linen in public – parties may be forced to expose their private matters that can be embarrassing.

As a result, emotions might run high and get the better part of both parties. Divorce mediation helps couples settle their issues without the costly and ugly court battles.

5. Hire an Exceptional Lawyer

A lawyer can guide and help you stay civil during your marriage dissolution. When you have a lawyer representing you, you can use him or her to deal with your spouse. This helps keep the discussions focused on legal issues, thereby avoiding threats or hurtful remarks.

Because a lawyer plays a crucial role in your immediate future, ensure you find one that cares, such as a Philadelphia divorce lawyer.




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