5 Top Styles in Men’s Work Pants

The workplace is an ever-changing environment, and with many men heading back to the office, it might be time for you to change your look to fit modern styles. Whether you’ve been on a break from board rooms and meeting halls, or you just want to refresh your wardrobe, then you’ll want to take a look at how these top trends in men’s work pants can change the way you feel about your outfits.

Stay Flexible With Slim-Fit Flex Pants

The three most important things you’re likely going to need to juggle when selecting pants for the office are style, comfort, and appropriateness to your situation. A great way to address all three is to update a classic, which you can easily accomplish with a tapered version of slim-fitting flex pants. A pair of these will give your waistband the comfort you desire throughout your day and it’s easy to find them at affordable prices.

Step Into Work-Leisure With Chinos

If you’ve never thought about men’s workleisure or business comfort styles before, then now is the time to consider chinos. Similar to classic khakis that have dominated casual work environments for decades, chinos are taking over. Made with an incredibly comfortable lightweight cotton blend, you can take add to your look with minimal effort, standing out with a splash of color for any season.

Bring Back the Corduroys

Corduroy has been a style that has come in and out of popularity over the decades, but no longer are they just for kids getting rowdy on the playground. Now you can adapt the style of cords to the office without skipping a beat, as the rigid woven fabric will give you a fuzzy, comfortable feeling while you type away at your computer. Match your pants with a bright plaid shirt or flannel long-sleeve, a leather belt, and chukka boots to complete the outfit.

Choose Your Jeans for Casual Day

Many offices have eschewed the era of pinstripe suits in favor of a more casual, comfortable work environment. Even if you dress in suits for four days a week, you might find yourself still wanting to dress to impress on casual Friday. If you haven’t noticed, jeans are trending toward a wider cut, where the ankles are cropped a bit at the ankle, and the legs are looser almost to the point of being baggy. Whatever your preference, a new pair of jeans will never stop making you feel relaxed, even when you’re on the clock.

Go Retro in Pleated Pants

Is there anything more exciting than going back in time? Like many styles, pleated pants have come and gone before, but now they’re back and better than ever. You can make them work for you in today’s workspace by fitting them to your body with a high waist and the legs tapered at the ankle, leaving flexibility as you walk around the office with style and comfort.

As you can see, just because you’re going to the office doesn’t mean you have to feel stuffy or inconvenienced. Pick the style of pants that work for you to get back to the office feeling great.




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