5 Grooming Tips to Help You Survive Date Night During a Heatwave

It’s super easy to organise a date in summer – from drinks in a beer garden to ice cream and a stroll by the beach, there are plenty of fun things to do when the sun’s shining.

But making sure you look good whilst you’re enjoying the sweltering heat together? Well, that’s not quite so simple.

When you’re trying to make a good impression, the last thing you want to be worrying about is flat, greasy hair and a sweaty forehead.
That’s why we’ve put together some top grooming tips that’ll keep you feeling fresh and picture-perfect, no matter how hot it is next time you’re facing a summer date. Check them out.

#1: don’t overdo the aftershave

We know it’s tempting to douse yourself in aftershave when it’s hot outside, but overdoing it with fake scent actually draws more attention and works against you.

Stick to a fresh summer fragrance (we like pretty much every option from Tom Ford) and apply one or two light sprays to your neck and inner elbows right after coming out the shower. That should be enough to last a good few hours without being overpowering.

#2: tease your hair into shape

Your hair can take on a life of its own when it’s hot outside, either doubling in size with frizz or stubbornly sitting in greasy curtains that’d put 90s Peter Andre to shame.

To tease it into perfect shape and ensure it stays that way all day, you need to invest in some decent styling tools, like a high-quality wand curler from Mark Hill. Go for the large barrel and you can use it to add some volume and lift to your roots.

#3: always wear sun cream

Whilst a nice healthy glow is always attractive, a bright red face and peeling nose are never going to impress a date.
So whether you’ve got an evening of romance lined up for that night or not, never venture out into the sun without slathering yourself in at least SPF20.

#4: go for a mattifying moisturiser

Even if you don’t have naturally oily skin, it takes a lot of hard work to stop your face turning into a shiny, sweaty mess on hot days.
That’s why we recommend investing in a decent cleanser and mattifying facial moisturiser. Using both together will keep your skin looking and feeling fresh in the heat.

#5: use a lip scrub

For a kissable pout, you need to regularly use a lip scrub during summer – it’ll help reduce a nasty buildup of dead skin when the temperature rises.

This exfoliating scrub from The Body Shop won’t break the bank, isn’t bright pink and candy floss flavoured (like a lot of the other ones available in shops) and promises to leave your lips soft, shiny and utterly irresistible.




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