4 Tips to Be Sporty & Stylish

Sporty and stylish clothes tell the world you’re active, upbeat and ready to take on the world. According to Branded Girls, many people today love this style and search for new ways to express themselves with clothing, shoes and accessories that fall within this category. This trend, known as athleisure, works when you want to head out for a power walk or join your friends for lunch at a local café. It lets you look great while feeling comfortable. 

However, if you’re new to athleisure, or your sporty wardrobe needs some updates, here are four tips to be sporty and stylish to suit various settings and occasions.

1. Invest in Sporty Pants

Legwear says a lot about how casual and stylish you feel, hence projecting confidence and a sense of fun and whimsy. Pants that fit comfortably allow you to move with ease, or at least allow you the freedom to move as you want when you want to. Comfortably fitting blue jeans make it possible to dart into action or sit back and relax on a park bench. Paired with your favorite shoes, it doesn’t get any more fashionable. And who doesn’t love a well-fitting pair of yoga pants, whether worn in yoga class or out for lunch with friends? Another classic sporty pants style to remember is the cargo pant style, which are making a comeback this year. Other great legwear to add to your repertoire includes jogging pants, leggings and chinos.

2. Find the Right Casual Jacket 

Nothing says sporty and stylish like a well-cut black leather jacket over a casual white T-shirt. Whether you pair your black leather jacket with blue jeans or black leggings and a pair of comfortable shoes, it’s a winning combo. Other jacket options include hooded sweatshirt jackets, blue jean jackets and a huge array of fitness jackets. 

3. Choose Sporty Sneakers 

Your shoes literally lie at the foundation of your fashion wear, so you want to make sure they are as comfortable as they are stylish, which translates to peak sportiness. Sneakers like VaporMax running shoes are the epitome of sporty style, recognized and appreciated as much for their sleek look in streetwear as their comfort when getting in your daily training run. 

4. Pick a Hat That Tops It All Off 

Whether you’re logging your daily running miles, playing a midday game of softball or hanging out with friends in the backyard, you need a hat. There’s a hat for any season or occasion, so choose what works for your own personal style and the conditions. There’s a baseball cap or trucker hat with design features, logos, brands and sayings for nearly any imaginable thought, so find something that suits the look you’re trying to express. You can also choose beanies, prescription sunglasses and much more, as long as you feel stylish and confident.

Find the Right Balance in Your Sporty and Stylish Gear

You don’t have to wear every piece of fashion advice listed. It’s often best to pick and choose the items and aesthetics that work best for you, then add other elements. The right sports shoes will kick everything off, along with comfortable legwear, then add in the rest purely based on personal style.




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