4 Simple Things to Do That Would Give You Joy in Life

Everyone is occupied with something or the other in today’s busy world. Whether it’s a job or college, people have absolutely no time for themselves. In the race to become successful, people have forgotten to take small moments for themselves.

People forget to feel happy and joyful while working hard to create a wonderful life. They often get so involved in their lives while focusing on getting a college degree or sending their kids off to college that they don’t think about giving themselves some joy. 

You grind and work tirelessly every day so your loved ones and you can have a great lifestyle. It’s only fair that you find time to do some things that will give you joy.

People often glorify happiness and think that the big events will give them pleasure. Huge things like getting married or having that dream job will surely make you happy. However, it’s the small moments that will give you the most joy and create a fulfilling life.

Simple things like watching movies, shopping at the mall, or eating out at a restaurant with your friends are just as fun as those big things. You can also play sports or keep up with the latest matches if sports are your thing. You can spend your time reading about the NFL MVP rookie of the year if you enjoy football.

Of course, people are different – everyone has their own choices and preferences. Take some time from your busy life and do the little things that make you feel happy and leave a smile on your face.

Maintaining a journal

Throwing words from your mind into your journal can help you feel lighter. Your journal is like a blank canvas that is waiting to be filled with your creativity and ideas. You can write a letter to someone, a daily entry, or even a poem. You can write whatever you wish if it makes you feel happy.

Journaling can also impact your mental health positively as the act of writing down your feelings is similar to venting them out. Consider your journal as your friend who will never judge or get tired of you. Writing in a journal is the perfect activity for people who enjoy writing and expressing their creativity.

Quality time with your loved ones

People often don’t give quality time to their family as they get busy in their lives, like working at a new job or just starting a new business. However, once time is lost, you won’t get it back and you will just regret the time you didn’t give them.

Being with your loved ones will always make you feel happier and safer. Whether it’s your parents, children, or spouse, spending time with them will instantly fill you up with joy. Sometimes, just silently spending time together will also give contentment and peace – it’s just the power of family and loved ones.

Take time to be out in nature

Small things like sitting by a lake or going for a walk in the park are just some ways nature can heal you. The soft breeze you will get when you are surrounded by trees and flowers will put a smile on your face. Hanging out for even just a couple of hours in nature can make you happier.

Spending time out with the trees and lakes will surely help you feel free. Nature definitely has unexplainable powers that will make you feel calm and relaxed.

Adopt a pet

Having a pet can help you in a similar sense that spending time with your loved ones will make you feel. Additionally, pets can provide companionship when you feel completely alone. The furry little animal will stay by your side and support you all the time.

Animals just are different and can easily become a part of your family. When they do become a part of your family, you will feel bad for not bringing them into your lives sooner. If you have a pet, you surely know the feeling you get from spending time with them.

Haven’t you felt all of your tiredness from a long day vanish after seeing their faces? Your pets wholly love you, which is why they feel happy to see you. Similarly, seeing their happy faces will also make you feel glad.


Life is complicated, messy, and tremendously unpredictable. It’s good to work hard and create a stable life for yourself and your family. However, it’s important to not dwell on the future too much. The future will come, and everything will be all right someday.

What’s important now is that you live in the present and be happy in the little things life has to offer. You will realize they mean much more and hold much value.



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