4 must dos when traveling New South Wales

Traveling Australia is such an amazing way to see the country, but Australia is also pretty massive so it can feel overwhelming when you’re planning your trip. You probably want to spend as much time as possible in the best places and hit all the major sites, spending time in all the states.

One state we’re pretty certain you’ll want to spend a bit of time is New South Wales, home to some amazing wildlife, cities, coasts and more. So what’s there to do when traveling New South Wales? Here are 4 must-do items that should be on your list.

The most well known city in Australia, this trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the home of the Opera House or the Harbour Bridge. You could spend weeks in a Sydney and never see it all, but after a few days you should be able to hit all of the major sites, plus Sydney can be expensive so you may want to limit your time there anyway.

However, as a backpacker in New South Wales, you’ll find there are affordable places to stay and eat at, even in Sydney!

Blue Mountains
This mountain range isn’t the Rockys or the Himalayas or the Alps, but they’re still beautiful and amazing in their own way. It’s known for its dramatic landscape with rugged terrain and cliffs in addition to sprawling green vistas. It’s great for hiking and spotting wildlife, with forests full of eucalyptus trees you’re bound to find some koalas hanging about, quite literally.

It’s only located two hours from Sydney, so it’s a great next stop on your traveling New South Wales itinerary.

Located in northern New South Wales near Queensland, this beautiful coastal town is a must-see when traveling New South Wales. The beaches are pristine and white and the water is a stunning shade of aqua. Not only is it beautiful, but you have some other stuff to look at too like the Byron Bay Lighthouse, all the nature walks and some cool gold mining history to read up on.

This harbor city is stunning and fun, which is a great way to spend your time in New South Wales. You can walk all the beaches on the famed Bathers Way coastal walkway, so you get your exercise and lovely views (and some water to take a dip in when you get too hot), what could be better?

Newcastle also has a buzzing nightlife so you won’t find yourself bored here either.

These four destinations are beautiful, fun and absolute must-dos when you’re traveling New South Wales. Don’t miss out on some of the best things Australia has to offer.




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