4 Fun Ways to Pass the Time With Your Significant Other

By now, millions of people have lived under at least some form of lockdown for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And, unsurprisingly, many couples have spent the vast majority of their time at home with each other. While this does present a great opportunity to grow closer to your partner, it also presents a number of challenges. Indeed, even the best relationships might begin to strain after such a long time in isolation. Though things are starting to open up again, it’s unlikely that things will be back to “normal” any time soon. So, to help out couples in need, we’ve compiled a list of four fun things you can do to pass the time together. Keep this list handy –– you’ll be glad you did:

Go Shopping

Just because you can’t go to the mall, doesn’t mean you and your partner can’t enjoy a few hours shopping together. Of course, it’s important to maintain a sensible budget –– particularly in these difficult times. However, logging on together and spending a few hours picking out fun products to use around the house can be a real blast. Pick up a new DVD set, browse an online kratom shop for new items, or consider surprising your partner with a gift when they’re away. Note, supporting local businesses is also a meaningful way you can spend any extra cash you have on hand.


Understandably, many people are missing the gym right about now. Still, it’s possible to improve your fitness levels by working out with your partner. It can be particularly engaging to try out a new form of exercise –– like yoga for instance.


Don’t feel safe heading out to a restaurant, bar, or public recreational space, with your partner over the next few weeks? No worries. You can manage to get out of the house and enjoy yourself without ever leaving your car. In fact, getting in the car and going for a long drive –– around an hour or so –– can help you relax and unwind. Plus, gas hasn’t been this cheap in years!

Teach Each Other

Odds are, both you and your partner possess unique skills and abilities. Now is the perfect time to sit down and learn new things with your significant other. For instance, perhaps you’re a great cook, but your partner can barely boil water. If so, then cooking together can be a great way to connect during lockdown. Or, maybe your partner speaks fluent French and can teach you basic phrases and grammar. Regardless of what your interests are, there are things you can learn from each other. And doing so will be a fun and beneficial experience.




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