3 interesting uses of coconut oil

Coconut oil is available in abundance on earth. Apart from its availability, coconut oil in all forms is quite useful. It has a delicate taste and can be used to gain several health benefits. Nobody knows from where this sweet tropical fruit came from but what they know is that the coconut has several interesting uses.

1. Make natural insect repellent
There are several products that we can use for repelling insects today. But all of those being manufactured synthetically or with chemicals are harmful to the skin.

Some essential oils are very good at repelling bugs and insects. Essential oils cannot be applied directly to the skin as they are strong. When combined with coconut oil these essential oils prove to be good insect repellents without harming the skin.

It has been surveyed in one study that coconut oil, when mixed with essential oils, is 98% effective for mosquito bites.

2. Remove Stains
People always encounter the pain of getting hard stains to be removed from our clothes or furniture. Have you ever heard that a stain can be removed using an oil? Coconut oil is one of your go-to solutions to remove oily and greasy stains from your furniture or carpets.

You can mix a part of coconut oil with a part of baking soda and apply the mixture on the stain. After waiting for 5 minutes you can wipe off the paste to find the stain gone.

3. Natural deodorant
People might not know this but the sweat does not have any order however the bacteria present on the skin can create some unpleasant odour.

Coconut oil has antibacterial properties and its aromatic properties produce a very sweet smell. Coconut oil can kill those bacteria and act as a natural deodorant. There are several methods to prepare deodorants using coconut oil that you can find online.



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