3 great ways to keep busy while stuck at home

Initially it might seem like the worst possible thing in the world, to be forced to stay in bed recovering from an accident or other health issue that restricts you from getting out and about.

The following are 4 great ways to utilize your time in a productive way.

1) Write a Blog
Thousands of people everyday are at home in the same situation you are in, immobile and out of commission for one reason or another. The benefit of today’s technology is that we can still stay connected to others from the comfort of our home.

Write a blog about your journey and help others in a similar situation get through a hard time. The benefit? not only will this keep you busy and provide a therapeutic effect through sharing with others, but if you do a good job you could possibly monetize your blog too!

2) Learn a new language
In today’s competitive world having the advantage of a second language gives you an extra edge over others.The most widely used language is not English surprisingly but rather Mandarin followed by Spanish so if you are stuck on which language to learn these two are a good start. Who can deny it would be awesome to know what others are saying when you travel to a foreign land without having to rely on a guide or a book.

Its so easy to learn a language with programs such as Rosetta stone and Babel that plan your lessons to make learning a new language super simple.

3) YouTube Tutorials
Start of with creating a list of all the things you have wanted to learn how to do but never had the time for. This list might include things such as ‘how to roll sushi’ or ‘how to carve a rocking chair’, still unsure? Why not visit Pinterest for some inspiration?

Being stuck at home for prolonged periods of time would get even the most positive person feeling down. However, It doesn’t need to be all glum and doom. If you spend your time at home productively you might even start to feel as if it was a blessing in disguise!.



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