3 Different Ways to Travel Around Europe This Summer

People are welcome to travel around Europe now that restrictions have eased across the world and the vaccine rollout has been successful. If you are planning a holiday for this summer, then you have probably been considering going on a long voyage across the continent. Rather than taking the traditional route around Europe, why not do something a little more novel? Skip catching a stuffy flight and instead experience all the beauty and wonder this spectacular continent has to offer from a completely different perspective. So, without further ado, here are 3 unique ways to travel around Europe this summer:

1. Go Interrailing

One of the most popular ways to travel around Europe is by interrailing. If you don’t know what interrailing is, this is simply catching a train from country to country and location to location. Everything you need for your holiday is carried on your back. Interrailing certainly captures the feeling of going on an adventure, whilst giving you the opportunity to rest and relax between journeys. Travellers are able to purchase an Interrail Pass or Eurail Pass and then use this to move between different countries freely. Obviously, this isn’t the safest or easiest way to travel across the continent. Plenty of things can go wrong along the way. As such, it’s probably a good idea to get some insurance cover when travelling to Europe this summer via interrail. If you are a lover of luxury and relaxation, you might want to look at alternative modes of transport.

2. Road Trip

Do you love the idea of living out the back of your car? Then a road trip around Europe is definitely the perfect way to travel for you! There is something so uniquely exciting about packing up everything you own into your boot and then driving off with no plan – just following a whim. If you need to travel between countries, you can easily hop on and off a ferry. Just remember to bring your passport and other necessary transport documents, including your NHS Covid Pass. For a road trip, there is the option to choose between going in your own vehicle, hiring out a car, or purchasing a camper van. In most circumstances, we recommend going with the camper van. This means that you can save lots of money on accommodation, whilst having somewhere you can always go to rest up. A camper van also provides you with cooking and cleaning facilities, making life on the road that much easier. Furthermore, you can bring camping equipment with a caravan, allowing you to enjoy the outdoor beauty of Europe as you travel.

3. Boating Holiday

Want to try something completely different? Then why not go on a boating holiday around Europe this year? Countries like the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and France are all covered in canals that weave throughout the countryside and different settlements. If you want to go on a seafaring adventure, a boating holiday is definitely the way to go. Different companies across Europe allow holidaymakers to rent out a boat and journey through the canals, then return to their starting destination. These holiday boats are usually fitted with cooking and cleaning facilities, similarly to a campervan. Most companies that offer boating holidays will teach you how to steer the vehicle before letting you out onto the water, of course. As a little side note, you will need to bring Eco-friendly cleaning products on board with you, as your waste may contaminate the water otherwise.

These are some of the coolest ways to travel around Europe. So, what are you waiting for? Try something different this summer!




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