2022 Fashion Trends for Men You Need to Know About

If you want to look and feel your best this year to impress potential or current partners, succeed at work, and just generally improve your confidence and swagger, it pays to know some ways to update your wardrobe and stay on-trend. 

Check out some of the top 2022 fashion offerings having an impact that you need to know about.

Robe-Style Jackets

If you’ve become used to working at home since the global pandemic and often can’t be bothered changing when your workday begins, you’ll be pleased by this year’s trend in robe-style jackets. Dress up yet feel like you’re still lounging around at home in these jackets that tie around the waist and have lower than typical hemlines, falling just beneath the knee. They feature soft-shouldered construction and, in many instances, a shawl lapel, too. 

For the colder months of the year, you can opt for leather, cashmere, or wool versions of this dressing gown coat, while canvas and lightweight suede are suitable for spring and summer in cooler climates. 

Bright Red Pieces

If you’re a bit over wearing lots of dark colors all winter, you can have some fun bringing spice into your wardrobe with the bright red pieces that are all the go this year. Primary red allows you to stand out and show your red-hot fashion sensibilities in everything from shirts, suits, and trench coats to shoes, sweaters, blazers, and ties. 

If you’re unsure whether this color can genuinely fit into a men’s summer fashion line-up or worry about looking too bold, start incorporating this look-at-me shade in accessories or a tee as part of your outfit; you can build from there as you get more confident with it. Red goes with pretty much anything, color- and pattern-wise, so it can be an excellent addition to the basic neutrals in your wardrobe. 

Varsity Jackets

Do you miss the heady days of your youth when you were at high school or college and hung with your mates on the field, pitch, or track? If so, you’ll want to g buy one of 2022’s updated takes on the popular old-school varsity jackets. Like the early ‘90s versions that were cut wide and boxy, the trend right now is for varsity (also known as letterman) jackets that are a relaxed fit. Color is key with them today, with playful hues on offer, including neons. 

Structured Shoulders

If you have a slim silhouette that you know would get swamped in a varsity jacket, though, you may prefer the trend that adds power and drama to even the slightest build: the structured shoulder look. This shape can elevate even a simple soft knit or fine shirt in a heartbeat. 

Strong-shouldered jackets, sweaters, shirts, blazers, shirts, and even jumpsuits have been making their presence felt internationally on runways, including in many instances at Prada’s menswear shows. 


The above trend is an excellent example of how minimalism is out these days, and maximalism, the very opposite, is back in a big way. If you want to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe this year, look for products that utilize every inch of material in a bold way and provide some personalization. 

You could wear a head-to-toe outfit comprising a repetitive pattern or pair a loud print with a statement piece. Exaggerated silhouettes go beyond structured shoulders now, too, with wide-leg trousers, extra-long cardigans, and other out-of-the-ordinary designs.

Alternatively, maximalism can also be seen in the skin being shown in men’s fashion in 2022. If you want to showcase how hard you’ve been working in the gym, you should enjoy that there’s a new emphasis on cutoff sleeves to expose biceps or distressed, ripped jeans that zone in on strong thighs. When it comes to maximalism, it’s really about working out what’s interesting and fun to you and following that pathway as much as you might like. 

Some other 2022 fashion trends for men that you could consider include heavy chains, the use of velvet, vests, and funky flared trousers. Plus, hybrid materials that offer multiple benefits for customers and help the environment are also big this year. Performance fabrics that enable designers to make waterproof shorts, for instance, that work at the beach, in the gym, and at a friend’s barbecue, will become increasingly popular.

Test out some of the trends listed here to see what suits your style and lifestyle. Whether you settle on one or more of them, it’s fun to mix things up a bit and be playful with your fashion choices.




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