10 Things You Need to Know Before Long Term Solo Travel

Traveling is an amazing activity. It helps people learn new things, meet new people and expand their knowledge of the world. After a trip one feels refreshed and has a new perspective on their everyday routine. The solo trip has a lot of advantages as well. You can do what you want and when you want it. However, it takes some well-grounded planning to make sure everything will be ok.

When traveling solo you are responsible for everything. You need to think about safety, route, living, eating, etc. You also need to be ready for anything, whether it is a pleasant surprise or unfortunate event. Here are ten things one needs to know when packing for long term solo travel.

1. Prepare your documents

Check your passport six months before the actual flight. If it is not valid, prolong it. There are places where one cannot stay for long without it, so make sure to get one.It is also necessary to know about driving license restrictions if one plans to rent a car. When all documents are ready, make both hard and digital copies of them. When going around exploring the city take copies with you and leave originals in a safe place in a hotel.

2. Make a research on a future trip

There are some solo travels deals like tours, but they are not for everyone. Those who go on their own need to research the place they are visiting. It is always helpful to learn a couple of sentences in the local language. Read about the local cuisine, search for safe living options, read hotel/hostel reviews. Learn about weather, traditional clothing habits to not stand out as a tourist. It is also great to know something about etiquette and traditions.

3. Get a travel insurance

Everyone needs to have insurance as anything can happen. Anything can happen in your hometown as well, just read the news. But here you have all the contacts and people you know. In another part of the world, insurance might save your life, especially if it is a single mom trip. Insurance can protect you in terms of medical services or some belongings get lost or stolen.

4. Use technology wisely

A travel packing list should have some amazing apps in it. Download an offline Google map in case there is no Wi-Fi. There are also great apps with city transport options. For example, a subway trip planner for a specific city. They usually work offline and save a lot of time. There might be times when one can get lost in the city. So it is great to have a map or public transport schedule.

5. Stay in touch with the beloved ones

Safety comes first. That’s why you need to make your family or friends aware of your trip. Give them schedule and reservation copies, so they know where you are in a particular period of time. Consider getting a local SIM card so you can always be in touch via text. Use free online messengers for the cases when you have Wi-Fi.

6. Prepare for feeling lonely

Even if you are used to spending time on your own, solo travel might get lonely sometimes. Whether you are an introvert custom writer from London or extravert event manager from Chicago, you’ll need some human interaction. The great idea is to go to the same restaurant for dinner or coffee. Create your own routine in the new place. Bring a nice book with you that make you smile. Get to the common room and meet people when staying in a hostel.

7. Pack light

For instance, you need to go to the toilet and there is no one to watch your bags. You’ll have to take them with you. Or there is no one to help to carry them around. Pack only essential and necessary staff. There is no need for 20 amazing outfits and your back won’t appreciate it.

8. Safety measures

When using open Wi-Fi protect your identity with VPN apps. Stay in the safe parts of the town at night. Do not drink too much when traveling solo. Do not show off expensive jewelry or camera. Try to blend in with locals and trust your gut feeling about people. Leave a note for hotel staff on where are you going.

9. Consider single travel packages

There are many tourist options available at travel agencies. They might be not as flexible as going on your own, but they are more planned out. If you don’t mind to be guided, it is a good first trip idea.

10. Take necessary medicines with you

It is impossible to be certain that in the various destinations you will visit there will be available all of the medicines you need for a standing condition. Furthermore, your prescriptions may not be valid. So it is in your interest to prepare medicine for your travel: fill your prescription and talk to your doctor about possible medical diets to consider.

Solo travel is a life-changing experience. One gets to enjoy solitude and have an amazing time. All you need to do it plan everything wisely. Prepare documents, stay in touch and care about safety. Now you can see the world with pleasure!

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