The Levitron Revolution: Magical Floating Device


The Levitron Revolution is one of the sweetest gadgets to have around the house or office.  The device features EZ Float Technology which allows you to float pretty much any object you can think of mid-air as long as it weighs no more than 12 ounces.

You can even slowly rotate the object in the air with this cool device.

The Levitron Revolution comes with a small magnetic disc which is where you place an object weighing up to 12 ounces on so that it may float in the air. Getting an object to float is actually pretty simple. First, place the magnetic disc on the Levitron and wait for the four LED lights on the base station to light up.

The Levitron Revolution in action!

You can let go of the magnetic disc once all lights are on. At this point, you should be mesmerized at the sight of a floating disc. Now, you can place an item on top of the disc as long as it weighs a maximum of 12 ounces. The Levitron is capable of making up to 1,000 corrections per second to the electromagnets that are at the base of the device.


This sophisticated system is constantly adjusting the strength of magnetism to compensate for changes in weight which prevents the magnetic disc from falling.

The Levitron Revolution only costs $76.99 at Amazon, which is even less than the original manufacturer, VAT19. Although it is not Christmas season quite yet, any friend would be glad to receive an early Christmas present.


  1. Jerry Weathers says

    Anyone that would spend $100 on a glorified magnet, just to watch something float an inch in the air, is a person I hope I never have to meet.

    • Anonymous says

      there is not really anything wrong with that… you should know that there are multiple very powerful neodymium magnets in standard hard drives, so if anything was going to be effected by magnets then computers would just fail to work.

      • JimBob says

        The magnets in the hard drive are the reason you don’t want other magnets near your computer. A powerful magnet is an easy way to clear your hard drive in a pinch. Good try though

  2. peysakh says

    hi, i was wondering if its possible to know how much it would cost to ship to new york and if we get a discount if i order a larger quantity? thanks pavel

    • Faisal says

      Hey Pavel, click the link the post and it’ll take you to the sales page. Add to cart and it should tell you how much shipping is. We don’t sell these, we just write about these awesome gadgets.

  3. Trey VonZimmer says

    I’m 94 years old and some parts just don’t work like they used to. I bought one of these to help with my ED problem. I put the magnet under the tip of my Johnson and the ladies here at the nursing home are wetting themselves when they see it floating.

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