The Best Snowboarding Video Ever – NSFW


As you may have guessed by now, this is a snowboarding video featuring a number of sexy women hitting the slopes in their birthday suits. It’s funny, because this is the type of video I would have expected someone to create long ago. It’s like a mix of Girls Gone Wild, extreme sports, and frat-boy drinking competitions. It’s a shame that the real world isn’t like this… imagine hitting the slopes, taking in the beautiful scenery, when suddenly a wild pack of drunken ex-porn-stars whip past. If nothing else, it would be hilarious.

Now, I don’t know who this person’s special friend is, but he must be a special friend indeed. I have numerous close friends, and not once have any of them offered to film, fund, or dedicate a film to me; especially a film of such an educational nature.

Best Snowboarding Video Ever

If you’ve ever wondered what effect the cold has on a naked woman, wonder no more. These ladies must be super human to endure such cold, especially later in the video when their bottoms just fall right off!

My favorite part(s) of the video are when the women simply decide to stop bothering with the crazy snowboarding nonsense, and then randomly lay down on the freezing cold snow to make out. I mean, why not? That’s what people do on the mountains, right? The athletes in The Art of Flight probably did that as well, and those scenes just didn’t make the full movie.


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