Custom Built 1:4 Scale Peterbilt 359 RC Truck Model

Photo by Peterbilt

Photo by Peterbilt

So what do you get when you have one bored Italian dude, a love for big ass trucks, and some deep pockets? When those three things are combined, we get is one sweet project: a Peterbilt 359 1:4 Scale RC Truck model.

Some of you guys may have seen videos months ago of a 1:4 scale RC truck pulling an SUV along a driveway or doing other crazy tasks. There was not much information available initially but new details have surfaced about the build. The remote-controlled custom truck was built by Bordin Luca of Italy.

Luca was inspired to build the truck after viewing a video online of a man driving a model truck. Being a fan of American trucks, Luca took it upon himself to build the Peterbilt 359. The projected started off with the construction of the cabin out of fiberglass and using a wooden frame. The chrome that can be seen on the truck is actually plastic which has been polished to resemble chrome.

The chassis of the truck was built using two 1.5mm thick steel pipes which is sufficient enough for the scale model truck. As for the power plant of this truck, Luca used a 36-volt 750 Watt electric motor which drives the twin rear wheels using a sprocket drive chain. Although the truck looks fantastic, it lacks in the sound department as the scale model is using an electric engine and not a combustion engine. To overcome this issue, Luca installed a Tamiya sound model which simulates the sounds of a real truck. An audio amplifier and two coaxial speakers are also installed to make sure the truck can be heard by the whole neighborhood.

Borin Luca is all about attention to detail. What truck is complete without a proper horn? Luca has also installed a two-tone horn and even a device to make smoke for the exhaust pipes. The project took Luca nine-months to complete and weighs in at 180 kg (397 pounds). The truck model is 2.10 meters in length but Luca also plans on building a 5-meter long trailer for the custom 1:4 scale truck. To see more random videos of the truck in action, check out his YouTube channel.





  2. omar says

    i woud like to pay you and can u make me one like yours i like it the way u did yours plz let me know ok thanks write me back to my email and let me know thanks cash in hands

    • Faisal says

      I don’t usually take requests but I’ll make an exception. I would like $4.5 million in unmarked bills, paid up front, and I’ll make you one of these in 2 years.


      PS, does anybody ever read anymore?


  3. nishan says

    honest answer whats the price to build one of these peterbilts but a trailer that hauls hpi baja and loss 5ive t I’m very interest I’m from so cal and am a trucker myself

    • Eric says

      I could build you one for 5K it would take me about 2 months and I could do it with electric or gas engine.

  4. Italo Flavio says

    Boa Tarde

    Quanto custaria o PITERBILT , trasportando ele para o Brasil, tenho real interessado em 2 PITERBILT.

  5. Jon says

    I have to admire the skill, time and effort in building one of these… bravo and great attention to detail… if a build it yourself kit or blue prints came on the market I would love to know… I would build one / start buying the bits asap… that is truely awesome!

  6. Ashif says

    Hi can i know where can i buy this trucks from please and if its made on a special order than whats the price for it in us dollars please

  7. Harry Beasley says

    Id Love to have One Of these as I have NEVER seen One as Beautiful as This before..Can You Build one for a 100% Disabled Vet??? Id love To own one of these

  8. Gilles Levesque says

    I am a retired trucker and I LOVE your truck how can I get one and at what cost. I am waiting for your reply. Thank you.

    • Faisal says

      Hi Gilles, you’ll need to contact the builder of this truck, we only wrote about it and have nothing to do with building of selling these replica RC Peterbilt trucks.

  9. Dolores Ramos says

    My name is Dolores and I live in San Antonio, TX. Im a truck driver and my aon loves to be in my truck. Ive been looking for someone to build one for him but that is the size of a atv or power wheel.that he can sit in and maneuver that has peddles to stop and go. Do you have any idea where I can get one made for my son.

  10. jesse osborn says

    my wife and I see the video of peterbilt is a cool truck .we love peterbilt trucks .How it cost build something like that peter bilt.

  11. Justin Albright says

    I wish I knew where to buy the supplies to build one of those trucks I would be the envy of my neighborhood.

  12. matrix says

    I’m currently buying materials to build a replica of optimus prime in vehicle mode. So far I’ve figured with out the cost of the chassis and motor systems witch will easily run me about 400 us dollars and that’s w/out the tires. I think this build will cost me about 7 to 9 hundred and that’s doing the work myself… buying fiberglass, accessories. Maybe even more depending on paint and a completed trailer that I plan making into an ice chest/liquor bar Lol. In total a 3ft. Semi tractor with a 4 ft8in trailer about 8ft long and 2 to 2ft 2in wide. All my materials will be posted on 4*4 forum…along with progress pics…everything so far has been ordered offline. Everything is out therestart at 1/5 scale and use your iimagination.

  13. MsMia says

    Oh he will not make you one I tired contacting him on his website and his facebook page i told him i would pay him that was over a yr ago he never responded back but hey i guess thats how people are they rather be selfish than to make money

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