Check Out The World’s Largest Jeep

Sheikh Hamad bin-Hamdan Al Nahyan is one dedicated man. This man has built the world’s largest Jeep, and modeled it after the WWII-style Willys MB.

Jalopnik reports that Sheikh Hamad bin-Hamdan Al Nahyan, already an owner of a pyramid, which is used as a museum for his  private car collection, built the jeep exactly four times the original size. Standing at 21 feet tall, it weighs 4.4 tonnes  and that doesn’t include weight of an engine.

This is just another awesome piece added to his already impressive collection of automobiles. The entrance to his “museum pyramid” features a scaled up version of the Land Rover Defender, complete with a cafe.

That’s not all folks.  The Sheikh also has a very unique globe shape motorhome which happens to be exactly 1 million times smaller than planet Earth. The crazy stuff money can buy!!


[Source: Sympatico]

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