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Well hello there, men! It’s a new year and I’ve crawled back out from under the soul crushing weight of the rocks that make up an avalanche comprised of web design and wedding planning and any number of things that most guys hope they can put off for an extended period of time. On the negative side, this means you haven’t seen a whole lot of me (huge disappointment, I know…) but as a positive, UFM will have a new look, and I’ll make sure you’re well supplied with my usual skulduggery for 2013.

Speaking of which, before I ran off to grab a carton of smokes, a fifth of gin, and something nice for you, I wrote an article about how to properly fit your suit jacket. Now that I’m working my way back into your good graces, I thought I’d follow up with something that would help you find cheap designer dress shirts without having to go on your own lengthy journey.

Hall & Madden is a to-your-door service that sends off perfectly fit, high quality dress shirts directly to you over the time frame of your choice. If you’re anything like me, you hate wasting time in a store. If you know your size, and roughly how you like your shirts tailored, Hall & Madden can send you exactly what you’re looking for in a designer quality package, at a third of the designer price. If you’re skeptical about how a shirt you’ve never seen will fit, the company has three styles that compare closely to some of Hugo Boss’ most popular styles. Choose from three brand new shirts every 1, 2, 3 or 4 months. That’s it- more time in your life for your hobbies and all the swooning ladies that will likely be aflutter after seeing you in your effortlessly stylish shirts.

Cheap Designer Dress Shirts – Hall & Madden Makes Lazy Look So Damn Good

hall & madden cheap designer shirts service

I’m a big fan of surprises in the mail. Partially because I’ll probably never grow up and I’m happy to stay that way, but also because it’s rare to get real mail anymore. Since I’m not really planning to pick up a pen pal across the world or from county jail any time soon, it’s nice to get a package that I know I’ll like, but that isn’t something completely expected and planned because I picked it out. If it can be a set of versatile work / play dress shirts, then so much the better. Each Hall & Madden shirt comes with thick mother of pearl buttons, single stitch detailing, contrast cuffs, and the same imported quality cotton used for Hugo Boss, Burberry, and Gucci shirts. There’s also the added bonus of a personal stylist choosing the shirts for you, so they’ll always be on point, even if you’re hopelessly fashion challenged.

hall & madden cheap designer dress shirts collar detail

The best part? A Prada dress shirt will set you back anywhere from $150 to $300. Each care package of equivalent quality dress shirts costs you $150 total, which works out to $50 per shirt by cutting out the middleman and the privilege of paying for a brand name. Save a crapload of cash for more bacon, more adventure travel, more video games, and upgrade or cancel the service at any time. It’s time to pay a bit extra for quality wardrobe pieces that won’t explode the second you get out on the dance floor to do the robot, or on the sales floor for the meeting that’s crucial to your career- but don’t let that pressure convince you to break the bank.

hall & madden cheap designer dress shirts plaid detail

Do you have a favorite to-your-door convenience subscription service for the lazy savvy man? Drop me a line and let me know! Either that, or send me hate mail for leaving you alone in the cold for so long. Me love you long time.

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