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The trouble with looking stylish is that it's so subjective. What does style mean anyway? I'll tell you what it doesn't mean: following the latest stupid trends and looking like everyone else. If you've got the guts to make your own path, then we'll show you how to create a timeless wardrobe, stay well groomed, and look very much the dapper gentleman you really are.

Bremont Jaguar E-Typle Lightweight Watches


A few days ago we wrote about the Jaguar E-Type Lightweight sports car, a car that was initially produced in 1963 but didn’t reach its production quota of 18 cars, so Jaguar decided to build the remaining 6 cars. The carmaker also teamed up with watchmaker Bremont to create a special watch commemorating the production […]

Luminox SureFire 2211 Wristlight Tactical Watches


I’ve written about watches with GPS, watches that send out emergency signals, even watches that let you answer your phone and emails. But never a watch with a flashlight, heck I didn’t even know there was a need for such a watch. But I guess there is a need, and here’s the Luminox SureFire 2211 […]

Autodromo Stradale Watches


A couple of years ago the world was introduced to Autodromo watches, these watches take their design inspirations from car gauges from the 1960’s and 1970’s. A lot of car and watch blogs were pretty excited about these relatively inexpensive watches, our very own Eddie seemed to be pretty excited about them as well. The […]

Parmigiani Fleurier Bugatti Mythe Watch


It was 10 years ago when watchmaker Parmigiani Fleurier teamed up with carmaker Bugatti to create some very unique and expensive timepieces. Over the last decade, there have been quite a few watches produced in the partnership. To celebrate the 10 year partnership, the watchmaker is releasing three one of a kind watches at the […]

Trying to Look More Handsome? Start by Taking Care of Your Skin!

man looking in the mirror

Skin care is an important part of grooming and self-care. As the skin ages—in part from UV damage from the sun and the natural aging process—many of us start to ask questions about how to get the best skin care. We ask “What can I do to make my skin look wonderful?” and “How do […]

Manscaping by the Decade: Should Your Grooming Change As You Age?

Photo by  Alvaro A. Novo

Grooming regimes are an essential aspect of most of our daily routines. And for most men, no matter what their age, looking good and feeling fresh is an important part of life. However, as we get older, our bodies change, leading to inevitable alterations in our grooming needs. For example, men who once spent hours […]

Threadsmiths Cavalier – Water And Dirt Repelling T-Shirt

water and dirt repelling t-shirt

A while back, I wrote about the Ultra-Ever Dry which is Nissan’s dirt resistant nano-paint technology. That paint used by Nissan is pretty amazing and will keep your car looking clean but what if the same idea can also be implemented for clothing? I’m sure many people have thought of the idea for decades but […]