Men's Style

The trouble with looking stylish is that it's so subjective. What does style mean anyway? I'll tell you what it doesn't mean: following the latest stupid trends and looking like everyone else. If you've got the guts to make your own path, then we'll show you how to create a timeless wardrobe, stay well groomed, and look very much the dapper gentleman you really are.

Billetus – Super Strong Carbon Fiber Billet Wallet

billetus minimus wallet

We’ve done reviews on numerous wallets in the past including interesting ones such as the Backslider Anti-Surveillance RFID Blocking wallet and the ultra-thin Yasutomo Wa-Ben wallet made out of Cuben which is used in sails for boats. We’ve also reviewed various leather wallets but the one we’ll be briefly looking at is not yet available […]

18k Solid Gold Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Goldfinger Watch


Omega watches have been worn by various 007 agents (in movies that is) throughout the years, including the latest installments featuring Daniel Craig. However, the most famous and popular James Bond has to be Sean Connery, especially in the movie “Goldfinger”, which was released 50 years ago. To celebrate the semi centennial anniversary of the […]

MB&F HM5 CarbonMacrolon Watches


A couple of years ago MB&F introduced the 5th watch in their Horological Machine line (HM), the HM5 “On the Road Again” – a watch that was inspired by the supercars of the 1970’s and also the ana-digi watch, the Amida Digitrend. MB&F likes to go back to their original watches and create new (and […]

The Pursuit Half-Zip by Triple Aught Design


I’ve written about Triple Aught Design many times over the years. Simply put, they’re one of my favorite clothing brands. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit their clothes make me feel a little like Jason Bourne. I tend to gravitate towards “tactical clothes” because they’re often really well made, but they’re also also often quite… utilitarian. […]

Urwerk EMC Black Watches


Last year we wrote about the Urwerk EMC watch, a watch that comes with an Electro Mechanical Control (hence the name); the watch comes with a built-in electric device that checks the accuracy of the mechanical movement. This is the first time a mechanical watch comes with a built-in accuracy checker, normally you’d need to […]

Victorinox INOX Watches


Did you know the Swiss Army brand has been around since 1884, and their watch brand Victorinox was founded in 1989? To celebrate the 130th anniversary of their world-renowned parent company, Victorinox has released a special watch called the INOX. The word I.N.O.X is French for stainless steel, the metal played a major role in […]