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Power and money go hand in hand; they're the driving forces behind our entire way of life. If you don't learn to master your finances and exert your own influence, you're doing yourself a major disservice. That's why we'll share tips and tricks to manage your finances, make money, and stay secure in our modern "big brother" world. We'll also highlight people of power, what they're doing, and what you can learn from them.

Why is the World So Confusing These Days?


Do you ever wonder why the world is so confusing these days? When it comes to the economy, politics, foreign powers, and a bevy of other topics covered by the media day in and day out, nothing adds up. But why? We’ll come back to this in a moment. So, one of my favorite writers […]

How to Get Started in Property Investment

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Many people want to get into investment properties because it can be a reliable way to increase your assets over time. If you are thinking about getting into property investment, follow these tips to ensure a successful outcome: Review Your Current Financial Position Take a moment to sit down and review your current financial position […]

Avoid Getting Stuck in a Borrowing Cycle

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A solution to debts which is both temporary and terrible – a few minutes of searching for payday loans can place thousands of pounds in your account from multiple lenders, who can briefly provide a painkiller for the post-Christmas financial hangover. But soon the demands and letters for the money appear, plus a hefty wedge […]

How Do I Start A Blog Like Unfinished Man?

Photo by Tommy

When I meet someone new, one of the first things they usually ask me is what I do for a living. That’s a pretty standard, boring question here in North America, and I always struggle to answer it. What do I do exactly? Sometimes I tell people I’m a writer, other times that I co-founded […]

UNICEF: A Great Holiday Gift to Children Everywhere

Photo by Mathias Ripp

I recently spent the day with my grandmother. She’s very active and alert, and generally tells hilarious stories about my mother when she was a girl. It’s fun to make a meal with her at home, go out to a restaurant, or shop with her. A fondness for antique jewelry is one of the reasons […]

Why I’m Shopping Frugal This Year

Photo by Tim Reckmann

My friends and I are always looking for ways to save on retail shopping. Let’s face it: shopping online is so simple and fast, and we live life in the fast lane. No one I know ever suggests “Let’s take a drive down to the mall” because it’s a big challenge to park and many […]

Who Past the Post? A Look at the UK General Election 2015

Photo by Dick Jones

As May 2015 rolls ever closer, and with the recent news of Ed Miliband’s waning frontbench support, that one particular quinquennial question brings itself to the fore once more: who’s to run the country? With 20+ Labour MPs set to strike out against the current Leader of the Opposition, Labour’s future in the fast-arriving electoral […]