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Power and money go hand in hand; they're the driving forces behind our entire way of life. If you don't learn to master your finances and exert your own influence, you're doing yourself a major disservice. That's why we'll share tips and tricks to manage your finances, make money, and stay secure in our modern "big brother" world. We'll also highlight people of power, what they're doing, and what you can learn from them.

Like a Boss: Tips to Make a Living Doing What You Love

Photo by Steve Wilson

Would you absolutely love to make a living doing something that you love? I think we all would. The only thing stopping people is fear. They’re scared they won’t make it, or that something will go wrong. They’d rather stay at their safe yet boring job for the rest of their lives until it’s time […]

Gain and Practice Strong Leadership Skills to Forge a Successful Career

Photo by Olivier Carré-Delisle

Even if you have multiple degrees and a lot of work experience, you may still not be the best leadership candidate. When you look at successful business leaders, such as Wesley Edens, you’ll notice they have a certain charisma and attraction. It’s possible to harness these leadership skills if you understand their impact and how […]

6 Smart Things Every Man Should Do With His Money

Photo by Morgan

If you’ve got a little money stashed away, you’re probably wondering how to use it wisely. Of course, you could go on a wild shopping spree, or splash it on a weekend away. But, what about the smart choices? What’s the best way to use that money to set yourself up for the future? Whether […]

Where To Get Fast Approval For Your Next Loan

Photo by Quazle

Are you tired of being told by banks that your loan application was denied? Do you still need cash to pay for bills, repairs, and other unexpected expenses? You can receive the loan that you need, without the help of financial institutions. Online lenders provide a fast and secure alternative to big banks that take […]

The Four Things To Keep In Mind Before Investing in Stocks and Forex

Photo by Michael Koolman

Financial security is something that everyone wants to have. Some people are born into it, some people work hard for it, and some people invest. It’s no secret that the capital markets play an important role in any wealthy individual’s financial status. They know that a good strategy to building wealth is to make their […]

Coupons: Discount Shopping the Easy Way!

Photo by Carol Pyles

Shopping isn’t just for women, not that we’d admit it, especially to our girlfriends, wives or any other women in our lives, but men love shopping just as much as they do, of course it all depends on what we’re buying, women it seems can shop for just about anything whereas we need something specific […]