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Power and money go hand in hand; they're the driving forces behind our entire way of life. If you don't learn to master your finances and exert your own influence, you're doing yourself a major disservice. That's why we'll share tips and tricks to manage your finances, make money, and stay secure in our modern "big brother" world. We'll also highlight people of power, what they're doing, and what you can learn from them.

Using Credit Card Perks for Fun and Profit

Photo by Vipez

I kind of hate credit cards. They’re a service that exists with the sole purpose of encouraging bad spending habits so that they can collect interest on your mistakes. It’s a rotten system, but unfortunately credit cards are a pretty necessary part of life… at least until Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency replaces the current […]

How to Get Into a Performing Arts School


Performing arts schools look for students who have talent in the arts and the potential to successfully complete a program. That means you’re going to need to provide proof of your artistic talents and ability, and that means you’re going to have to audition or, for the visual arts, provide a portfolio of your work. […]

Bitcoin: What it is, and why it might be time to get involved

Photo by Zach Copley

Now, a lot of you might have heard the term ‘Bitcoin’ thrown around in conversation – in fact, Chad actually wrote a little blurb on it a year ago – but perhaps you didn’t read it and have no idea what Bitcoin or crypto-currencies actually are. Well, that’s understandable, because up until now it was […]

How to Really Save for Your Retirement

Photo by Brian Foust

I’d like to talk to you about how much money you’ve got saved for retirement. I know, you’re only twenty-six right now, but you’ll be amazed at how quickly thirty arrives, then thirty-five, forty, and you get the picture. Money is an important commodity because, without it, most people find keeping a home, car, and […]

Tips For Everyday Savings

piggy bank savings

When you’re working and making an average or above average income, sometimes it’s nice to spend money just because you can. I’m usually pretty good with money but for some reason, getting take-away food is my enemy. I know I have better food waiting for me at home yet I still purchase restaurant food. And […]