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Gaining Experience: 6 Great Tech Companies for Internships

cat hiding behind computer screen

Relevant experience in your chosen field is one of the best ways to round out any college degree. Working an internship is a great way to do that. In some cases, they’re even paid. There are a lot of companies out there that offer internships, but finding the right one can be difficult. Which companies […]

Everyone Can Have Freedome – F-Secure’s VPN Review

f-secure freedom android app

Everyone wants to be free… free to communicate privately with friends and family… free to take photos of their hard, chiseled chest without someone peeking over their digital shoulder, marveling at a photo they were never meant to see. Freedom and privacy go hand in hand, and now – perhaps more than ever – we […]

Wash Day: A True Story

man doing laundry

Everyone must use a washing machine at some point in life–although some men are twenty-six, living at home, and have a mother who interacts with the washer. If your mother does your laundry, I say “Bravo!” because, let’s face it, doing laundry is a chore. If you’re the rare person who loves the scent of […]

Cash Hacking — When Spending is Saving

card thief man

Experts will often tell you to cut down on your spending in order to save yourself some money, and this is sound advice… but not always. In a bit of news that will be music to the ears of shopaholics everywhere, one of the most novel ways of saving money is to spend it. It […]

A Trillion Reasons to Bet on Sports

giant stadium soccer

Sports betting is a thriving and expanding industry that’s worth at least a billion dollars each year. Bookmakers, often associated with horse races in the movies, help passionate sports fans to place bets on many types of sports. Today, more people place sports bets on football than any other sport. According to Sportradar, a sports […]

DIY EnviroToilet – Simple Way To Reduce Water Usage

low flush toilet

I think it’s fair to say that most of us want to help the environment, reduce waste, and contribute in some way. I don’t know about others but for me, it comes and goes in phases. During the cooler months, instead of turning on the heat, our family would simply put on an extra layer […]