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We often offer dating advice, but what about those times when you need to learn the best way to tie your shoes, or how to find a new job? If there's something you're wondering about, chances are we've covered it.

How to Write Emails That Aren’t Terrible


Given that I have a job on the Internet, I like to think that I know a thing or two about writing emails to people. Over the years I’ve received thousands of emails, some of them great, and most of them absolutely terrible beyond reason. Some (most) are asking me for something, and a few […]

Back Pain: An Ageless Problem

Photo by Michael Sauers

Back pain is something that most people — about eighty to ninety percent of Americans — experience at some point in life. I can tell you from personal experience that back pain isn’t necessarily an older person’s disease. People in their twenties and thirties (like me) can and do experience back pain! A small percentage […]

Learn How to Break Down a Door

judge dredd kicking down a door

Ever wanted to learn how to kick down a door like Judge Dredd or Jason Bourne? Maybe you just lost your keys, or maybe you want to impress a friend by senselessly destroying your own door. Whatever your reason, there are always better ways to get that door open. Before Jason Bourne would even consider […]

How to Get Into a Performing Arts School


Performing arts schools look for students who have talent in the arts and the potential to successfully complete a program. That means you’re going to need to provide proof of your artistic talents and ability, and that means you’re going to have to audition or, for the visual arts, provide a portfolio of your work. […]

Bitcoin: What it is, and why it might be time to get involved

Photo by Zach Copley

Now, a lot of you might have heard the term ‘Bitcoin’ thrown around in conversation – in fact, Chad actually wrote a little blurb on it a year ago – but perhaps you didn’t read it and have no idea what Bitcoin or crypto-currencies actually are. Well, that’s understandable, because up until now it was […]