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International Men’s Day — Celebrating Positive Male Role Models


Today is November 19th. Yes, it’s a Wednesday… but it also happens to be International Men’s Day. If you haven’t heard of it, International Men’s Day is an annual international event that celebrates positive male role models. It also focuses on improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, and informing people on men’s and boys’ health […]

Trouble Sleeping? Four Tips for Sleeping Better Right Away

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According to a survey from Harvard University, around 75% of people experience sleep difficulties at least a few nights each week. With more and more people sleeping less than six hours each night, this sleeplessness is contributing to myriad health issues. Lack of sleep is linked to a wide range of problems such as issues […]

Why I’m Shopping Frugal This Year

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My friends and I are always looking for ways to save on retail shopping. Let’s face it: shopping online is so simple and fast, and we live life in the fast lane. No one I know ever suggests “Let’s take a drive down to the mall” because it’s a big challenge to park and many […]

Who Past the Post? A Look at the UK General Election 2015

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As May 2015 rolls ever closer, and with the recent news of , that one particular quinquennial question brings itself to the fore once more: who’s to run the country? With 20+ Labour MPs set to strike out against the current Leader of the Opposition, Labour’s future in the fast-arriving electoral campaign looks to be […]

How Commuting by Bicycle Can Make Going Back to Work Even Better

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When your paternity leave is coming to an end, you’ll be faced with myriad of feelings – excitement, worry, fear and anticipation. You know that it is necessary to go back to work, especially when figures from the , but managing the transition can be difficult. One thing you’ll need to consider is how you’ll […]

Forex Trading: A Great Second Income Strategy

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Who doesn’t need more money these days? If you’re thinking about how to earn an extra income or increase investment account assets, consider forex trading (also known as foreign exchange or currency trading). Some experienced forex traders can earn thousands a month–or a thousand percent return on capital in a single trade! Currency trading is […]