Sean Tracy Presents… The Power of CryEngine 3


It’s no secret that I dislike both Crytek as a company, and the Crysis games they create. The founder of Crytek, one Cevat Yerli, rubs me the wrong way. As for their games? Well, I just don’t find them very original. Having said that, Crytek is incredible at one thing: graphics. They have by far […]

Come on Down! The Best (Worst) Game Show Answers of All Time


Despite my being a well read 21st century man who has no need for television, I do find myself missing it from time to time. Now it’s not the cliched stories, or the overblown acting of your nightly drama tale. I’m also not interested in the myriad reality shows, or talent searches. No, what I […]

Attack of the Robots! – Survival Research Labs Video


I’ve written hundreds of posts for Unfinished Man over the years, and with each and every one of them, I try and share something interesting with you… something that I’ve wrapped my head around, and that I thought was cool enough to grace your computer screen. Today, I’ve got something extremely cool, but I’m not […]

LEGO Fallout – Street Diorama by Justin R. Stebbins


I think it’s safe to say that just about everyone owned LEGO as a child, and perhaps that even continued into adulthood. That’s certainly the case for Justin R. Stebbins, the mastermind behind this incredible LEGO fallout street diorama. If you’re a fan of the Fallout franchise, then you’re going to love this, whether you […]

That’s No Moon… It’s a Star Wars Burger


Gaze upon this picture, and tremble; the light sucking blackness of the bun on this fully operational battle sta fast food item is a sight enough to cast terror into the hearts of mere men, and probably most Jedi. Darth Vader gazes at you calmly as the Emperor pats the combo meal bag on his […]

The Iceman – Release Date, New Trailer, and Killing


Roses are red… violets are blue… I’ve got a gun, and I’m going to kill you. ~ A poem by Richard Kuklinski Back in September of last year I for an upcoming movie called “The Iceman“. It’s based on the true story of Richard Kuklinski, the contract killer who took out over 100 targets between […]

No Pants Subway Ride – Improv Everywhere


Though this may just seem like your run of the mill, pantsless improv subway ride, to me… it’s something much, more more. You see, years ago I came up with what I like to call “Chad Rules“, the philosophy of taking one’s clothes off at parties and social gatherings in order to made said gatherings more awesome. […]