A Look At The Need For Speed Movie Trailer


I’m no “film” critic nor do I pretend to be one, we usually leave movie trailer post to Chad.  Personally, the types of movies I like involve ass – the types of movie where I get to see lots of ass (the female kind) or movies with lots of ass being kicked (either gender works […]

Thief “The Bank Heist” Trailer – More Thieving, Less Zombies


One of my favorite things about watching new game trailers is reading people’s comments. If you’ve never bothered to read the treasure trove you’ll find on places like YouTube, then good for you; you’ve just saved yourself a lot of wide mouthed shock, confusion, and sadness. This goes doubly for many of the Thief games’ […]

Football Stadiums – Our Modern Day Gladiator Arenas?


While sports aren’t necessarily my forte in this world, I must confess a certain enjoyment of design and architecture. Given this, stadiums have a certain amount of draw to me. The amount of design that goes into not only housing what is, essentially, a roman mob is beyond compare. Everything from the power distribution, to […]

Infinite Realities 3D Scanning – The Future of Video Game Characters?


Modern video games are at a crossroads. Programmers have been improving 3d game engines at a break neck pace, but if you ask me, there are still a few areas that are seriously lagging behind. I’ve got many critiques, but today I’m going to focus on just one: characters. Though I have seen major improvements […]

Sextape – Drixxxe Presents a Hot & Heavy 70s Adult Soundtrack Mix


Let me start off by saying that while you probably shouldn’t listen to this on your speakers at work, it’s actually not that unsafe for work. Save for a few moans and groans… Right then, so what is this exactly? Well… it’s basically a collection of music and audio from 1970s adult entertainment videos that […]

I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi


When it comes to reading books, I’ve got a voracious appetite. For me, there’s nothing quite like a good book. I’ve been reading almost daily since I was a young boy, and there are very few genres that I shy away from reading – even the odd non-Twilight vampire novel. But there’s one genre of […]