Bioshock Infinite – The First Few Minutes


Years ago I read a classic – and much referenced story – called Atlas Shrugged. Written by Ayn Rand, a sort of… philosopher, it told a story of a world gone mad from greed, and an underclass of people who wanted nothing more than to take and leech. Shortly after I read this, Bioshock hit the […]

Quantum Stealth – Invisibility, the Ultimate Camouflage


Predator – the original one starring Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers, not the less than stellar sequel starring Danny Glover – is one of my all time favorite movies. It ranks right up there with the likes of the original Total Recall, and a big part of the reason for that is because of the extremely cool […]

The Technology Behind Splinter Cell: Blacklist

unfinished man

Lately I’ve given Splinter Cell: Blacklist some flack for going just a bit too far in the violence department – specifically, torture. I’m not here to talk about that today (you can read that article here), but instead I’m going to share with you a short interview with Scott Lee, the Art Director on the […]

The Last of Us – Tess, the Black Market Master


I’ve been talking about The Last of Us since we first heard about it so many months ago, and for a Playstation 3 game, I sure am excited about it. So excited in fact that I may actually play it! If you don’t know anything about the game, I suggest you take a look at […]

Pacific Rim – An Epic Battle of Giant Robots and Aliens


I think it’s fair to say that most people think robots are pretty damn cool. They come in all shapes and sizes… some are real, and some are imaginary – like the behemoths in this movie – but most of them are pretty awesome – except maybe for this one. In fact, you may even […]

Bioshock Infinite – Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth Meet


As a self described “jaded gamer”, I like to think that I’ve pretty much seen it all by now. Though I still play a lot of games, it’s often simply out of habit than out of real, genuine excitement for the game I’m playing. Given the deluge of sequels, prequels, and re-hashes of other games, […]

The Dark Knight Rises – “Bane Outtakes” Video


A few months ago, Christopher Nolan released what I believed would be the epic conclusion to his incredible Batman trilogy. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were both fantastic, and given the massive budget and Nolan’s writing chops, I expected nothing less from The Dark Knight Rises. So as I sat and watched the movie, […]