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Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here? I’m guessing it is, because what man doesn’t enjoy the latest in film, music, and anything else that a person would consider interesting or funny. We write everything ranging from album reviews, to gaming previews, to critiques of the latest Uwe Boll film.

Max Payne 3 PC Screenshots – PC Gamers Rejoice!

Max Payne 3

Rockstar just released the first batch of Max Payne 3 screenshots, and they're pretty damn awesome. Max Payne started out on the PC so many years ago, and I'm glad that Rockstar has decided to continue developing for the platform. All too many developers have abandoned the PC over the years; ballooning development costs, a lower user-base, [...]

Beyond The Black Rainbow

One of my friends recently sent me a link to a trailer for a film I've never heard of called Beyond The Black Rainbow. The title doesn't gave away much, and other than a vague notion of something artsy and perhaps vaguely related to Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon, I had no [...]

The Cold Light of Day

I have this vague recollection from years ago of Bruce Willis saying that he wanted to branch out from action movies. I remember him saying, probably around the time of Armageddon, that this was it... that he was trying something new. Perhaps what he meant was that he wouldn't do another asteroid related action film, [...]

Hitman Absolution’s Diana Burnwood

In what may be the most artistic advertising I've yet seen in the Hitman franchise, this new Hitman: Absolution video follows the life and times of Agent 47's handler, Diana Burnwood. Featuring incredible imagery by comic artist Ben Oliver, the video explores Diana's career and relationship with Agent 47, and leaves us with a pretty good [...]

Mass Effect 3 invading ships

The release of Mass Effect 3 is nearly here, and on March 6th all of us will have a chance to take Earth back from the clutches of the invading Reaper forces. This new trailer shows planet Earth in chaos as the Reapers descend from the sky and destroy everything in their path. Though it's only a [...]

Awesome Collection of Wingsuit Flights Thumbnail

Getting that death defying adrenaline rush has been sought after by man since the beginning of time and there are so many ways of going about it. My one and only experience was a few months ago when I went bungee jumping off a bridge (160ft free-fall). But what I experienced during my bungee jump [...]

Syndicate Face

In a world where evil corporations are vying for power, and people are given intelligent brain implants with hokey robotic voices, stands one man who can uh... help them? The release of Syndicate is almost here, and Starbreeze Studios just released this Syndicate launch trailer to celebrate. There's plenty of new footage, and more awful [...]

Max Payne 3

Since the announcement of Max Payne 3, Rockstar has released a number of videos, including a reveal trailer and a handful of game-play clips, such as the targeting and weapons video. Today we get a new trailer, and this one gives us a much deeper look into the events surrounding the game. We learn about [...]

Far Cry 3 Trailer

Last year, I remember hearing rumblings of a Far Cry 3 title in the works. Details were scarce, and I didn't really think anything of it until now. Today Ubisoft released a Far Cry 3 cinematic trailer, and we finally get a chance to see what the game is all about. From what I can [...]

All Bart Simpson Chalkboard Quotes Thumbnail

I’m a huge fan of The Simpsons, it’s the only show I watch on FOX, and I think I’ve probably seen every episode at least three times.  This Sunday FOX will air the show’s 500th episode and to celebrate this milestone compiled every Bart Simpson chalkboard quote on a nice long poster, below. According [...]