Buying Gifts? Do your Research, Mind the Addons


One of my fondest Christmas memories was of the year I received my first 6 string electric guitar. It was an old beat up thing, with a red sunburst pattern, a scratchy pickup, and I loved it. Unfortunately it took me years to learn how to actually play. You see I was missing what might […]

The BeBionic3 Myoelectric Prosthetic Hand


If you’re a long time read of Unfinished Man, you probably remember my year long obsession with Deus Ex: Human Revolution. For those of you that have forgotten or are new here, it’s a video game featuring a character with a set of extremely impressive prosthetic arms. I thought he was a bad-ass, and since […]

Assassin’s Creed Parkour in “Real Life”


Parkour is one of the key elements that’s made the Assassin’s Creed franchise so very successful. Yes, they’ve given us amazing combat and exciting historical settings, but more than anything they’ve provided people with the ability to instantly do what some spend years training for – climbing up buildings, and scurrying about all sneaky-like. Call […]

Our Story – From the Dawn of Time


If your a frequent reader of my work here at Unfinished Man, you’ve probably realized by now that I’m a bit of a science junkie. I have a deep fascination with science, technology, the cosmos… and of course, epic montage, time-lapse videos like this one. I mean, this video covers all three! As I’ve said so many […]

Agent 47 in a Living, Breathing World – Hitman: Absolution


As we go about our lives, we form a web of complex relationships. In the world of Hitman: Absolution, Agent 47 can exploit these to the fullest. It will be your job as the player to discover the connections between people, and how they could help you complete your missions – through force, coercion, or […]

Full Size Formula 1 Racing Simulator for Video Games


We’ve written quite a few posts on high-end video game racing simulators but the full size Formula 1 racing simulator wins the prize for the most ridiculously awesome looking simulator for video games. As much as I like the Formula 1 racing simulator, it’s not everyone because it’ll cost you more than a brand new […]