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Jason Batansky is a 26 year old entrepreneur/blogger who has been in constant motion since he graduated college in 2010. His three online businesses have allowed him to travel and live throughout South America, South East Asia, and Europe, while working here and there wherever he found reliable Wi-Fi access and motivation, two elements necessary to running online businesses that can be difficult to obtain simultaneously in the world

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Montese to Zocca

At each destination I visit there are some activities, sites, and cultural characteristics I already have in my head from various media, including TV to music to even children's stories. Whether it means listening to The Girl from Ipanema on my headphones while staring down actual women in Ipanema beach in Brazil, or venturing through [...]

Party on the Coastline in Class: Milano Marittima Nightlife Thumbnail

Nestled in the pine-clad forest of Cervia and only a short trip from Emilia Romagna, Milano Marittima is an exclusive Italian beach town with spas, national parks and beaches to explore. Oh, and it throws some of the best and exclusive parties in Europe. The Milano Marittima nightlife sports a mix of styles, from upper-class [...]

Italian Aperitivo: Post-work Drinks With a Side of Class Thumbnail

Any good traveler knows that the best way to learn the culture of any city or region isn't by reading marketing pamphlets or talking about it with a paid-off travel guide or concierge. No, the fastest and most fun way to meet people and learn how the locals live is to go to a bar, [...]

Your Best Guide to The Italian Motor Valley Thumbnail

Americans think they know cars and motorcycles. Sure we do, why wouldn't we? When you're the land that gave the world the Shelby Mustang, Dodge Charger, and Harley-Davidson, it's easy to get a little cocky about your place in automotive history. But let's think seriously here for a second, if you're going to really pick [...]

History in Emilia Romagna: A Visit to the Gothic Line Thumbnail

In 1944 during the height of World War II, Italy's Emilia Romagna region was home to the Gothic Line, the German forces' last line of defense against the Allies along the summits of the Apennine mountain ranges. Over a long series of battles between Autumn of 1944 and Spring of 1945, the Allied armies breached [...]

The Style of Nothing: 24 Hours of the Westin Playa Bonita Thumbnail

Any traveler, veteran or rookie, knows that there comes a certain point in all vacations when you wind up too tired (and likely hungover) to actually do all the vacation plans you may have made. It's hard work having so much fun, and everyone eventually hits their limits after a few days rushing from restaurant [...]

Journey to the Present at Panama’s Embera Indian Village Thumbnail

The Embera Indian Village outside of Panama City is not a historical recreation. It's not Panama's answer to Jamestown or Plymouth Colony. There is no modern visitor center or actors dressed in traditional garb and refusing to break character for eight bucks an hour. Despite the fact that there are tours, and the Embera people [...]

Panama City Beach Hotels, Canal Buffets, and Indian Villages Thumbnail

Panama City is a city growing and reinventing itself every day. Everywhere you go in Panama’s capital, you see new high rises and new hotels under construction. The city is a dynamic expression of the growing importance of Central America in the world economy, and it manages to combine this ever shifting, ever growing dynamism with [...]

Educational Drinking With Flor De Caña Thumbnail

There's a lot to be said about a man by the drink in his hand. Straightforward all-business Don Drapers drink their G & Ts or their straight scotch, secretive men drink martinis, and girly men drink appletinis . However, historically there is no drink of choice more versatile than rum. Rum, as we all know, [...]

Pandora for Food: The Nara Restaurant Recommendations App Thumbnail

Ever notice how in movies, the coolest characters and best scenes are always in a restaurant or diner that everyone's magically agreed on ahead of time, everyone knows the location of, and everyone seems to like? You never see James Bond arguing with his many, many girlfriends using phrases like "Well, I don't know, maybe [...]