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Author, Designer, and "that girl your mother warned you about." Looking good seems to be my job, whether it's working with the site design, or a number of other more interesting capacities. I have a ridiculous sense of humour and a brutal sense of honesty- you'll see a lot of that coming through in my writing, so don't say I didn't warn you if I somehow manage to offend you AND hurt your feelings at the same time. On the plus side, it makes my dating and advice columns a lot more pertinent to an unfinished man in the real world. If you want to follow my posts, have a question, or want to chat, you can add me on Facebook or at your own peril.

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how to buy a designer coat for cheap

So it’s February, and it’s cold. This year in particular has been even more of a doozy, with polar vortexes and freak snow storms and wind chill resulting in temperatures that feel like they could freeze up a man’s moustache, like that scene in Cool Runnings where his dreadlock breaks off. (I’m not entirely certain [...]

see puerto rico free trip giveaway

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puerto Rico, The All-Star Island for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine- and that is that there's nothing like record-breaking inclimate weather, stressed out holiday shopping, and the terrifying pressure of the fiscal year drawing to a close to have you day dreaming about [...]

rick daniels video game stained glass martian glassworks masterchief

We've talked about Etsy before, mostly because of our general approval of the many blatant examples that prove the old adage that sex sells. It's a strange and wondrous place largely composed of unbalanced women who have more modelling clay than sense and a never-ending supply of vaginas and penises made out of anything that [...]

watching online tv

It always amazes me how many people out there still aren't on board with the Netflix/Hulu/stream-your-content online TV train. People who are will get everything that I'm about to write, but for the guys who aren't: here's an excellent list of reasons why turning to streaming media will widen your horizons without stretching your wallet. [...]

halvor angvik speedflying wengen

Anyone who's read enough of my articles can probably tell I'm outdoor-crazy by now. Trees? Give me ALL OF THEM! Mountains? I made a pilgrimage to Alaska just for Denali! When I stumbled across these speedflying videos, my head nearly exploded from the incredible amount of sheer badassery. How the hell have I never heard [...]

misty fjords alaska carlin air flightseeing

One of the most amazing things about Alaska is how big it is. That may seem like the understatement of the century, but it is a simple fact that you really cannot begin to be comprehend until you take to the skies. The forest and waves drop away below you, and the endless misty wilderness [...]

foodydirect order food online barbeque

Being able to cook is one of those skills that is divisive amongst men. Many guys feel as though learning to craft culinary masterpieces is a waste of their time, preferring to subsist only on slabs of meat and whatever sides can be easily poured (slopped) out of a package or can. While great for [...]

alaska margerie glacier

When I first began telling everyone that I planned to visit Alaska, I was surprised that many people didn't share the same enthusiasm I did for the incredible beauty of the landscape, amazing opportunities for adventure, and intriguing people and wildlife. You don't want to visit the largest mountain above sea level in the world, [...]

david oliete human towers pictures

If you've ever tried putting together a drunken human pyramid with your bros for a great picture, then you can definitely appreciate the mind boggling scale of these human towers in Spain. Every two years, teams of castellers- men, women and children who clearly have no fear as well as a shocking amount of trust in [...]

Jeffrey Mcnolte weekend warmup nude photography

I've been getting back into Fallout lately, and I'm starting to think that that a bleached out palette and stretches of wasteland have been stuck on my mind given the shots in this weekend warmup. The open stretches of arid desert, run down shacks, and blasted out carcasses of old vehicles aren't exactly sexy, but [...]