What to Watch This Weekend? Netflix’s Top 8 Movies of 2022

Where does Netflix get its shows and movies? From time to time, fans of the site, and more specifically, of what it puts out, wonder about that. But is it that important to know where it comes from? It is more important to know that Netflix does not get tired of indulging us with amazing pictures, where there is always an abundance of tolerance (which, incidentally, not everyone likes).

In just 10 years, the streaming service has become No. 1 for original series – from “House of Cards” to “Mindhunter” and a bunch of shows about teenagers and puberty, which are going through a lot of trouble. The network takes on ambitious projects, which is what it’s mostly known for.

Remember “Stranger Things” – a fantastic genre was thought to be dying, but Netflix took and revived it and approached the revival of the original! And the king of horror, Stephen King, praised the series’ creators. By the way, for those who don’t know, season 4 was released on May 27, 2022. You can already check it out! As well as other top Netflix movies in 2022.

Every Netflix fan is always anticipating the upcoming watching just-released movies. To be honest, new Netflix releases are as good as finding a website that writes essays for free when you have to do a bunch of writing assignments in college😀. So, today we’re going to tell you about 10 incredible movies of 2022.

The list

8. Black Crab.

7. The Gray Man.

6. The Adam Project

5. Love and Leashes

4. Munich: The Verge of War

3. Day Shift 

2. The Mother

1. Tinder Swindler

8. Black Crab

Interesting, entertaining, topical – that’s how you can generally describe the novelty from Netflix “Black Crab”. The film stars “Millennium” star Noomi Rapace of the Swedish version, and she played amazingly! You can take the Scandinavian filmmakers from the “Nordic countries” for granted, but you can’t deny that Scandinavian films have an author’s handwriting.

What does this picture talk about? The post-apocalyptic world. The story centers on six soldiers on a secret mission. They must translate the ice on skates (in order not to be seen by the enemies), a particular cargo. The story begins with a woman’s daughter being taken from her, and then she joins the team. She has the goal of surviving to see her daughter again…

7. The Gray Man

Fans of Ana de Armas, Ryan Gosling, and Chris Evans look forward to this action movie, as they play the lead roles. “Grey Man” is an action movie with elements of a spy thriller. Netflix has repeatedly taken on this genre but has had no obvious success. Perhaps the new picture will be different.

The main character in the novel is a retired CIA agent. Having quarreled with his superiors, he quits and becomes a private mercenary. During his time in the Directorate, he has acquired many useful skills. He is fast, agile, and always brings positive results – no customer cancellation! But no one knows the problems the mercenary nicknamed Gray Man has. He is trying to save two daughters, whose existence was not even guessed at.

6. The Adam Project

This movie can be categorized as a family drama. “Project Adam” is a light, vulgar and sometimes funny film. Somewhat reminiscent of “Terminator 2”, something like “Back to the Future”. The main character arrives from the future and visits his childhood… Apart from the plot, the cast is also pleasant: Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldana, and Mara Ruffalo give their best to please the audience.

At the center of the narrative is pilot Adam Reed. He makes an emergency landing and somehow collides with himself as a 12-year-old… The dynamics in the picture are crazy: Adam breaks into the house of his little self and then quickly begins saving the world. Little Adam is played by an adorable kid named Walker Scobell – not bad for a first film!

5. Love and Leashes

You can already tell by the title roughly what the movie will be about. Especially since this is Korea, and Koreans are a pretty peculiar people. “Love on a Leash” is a movie for 18+ viewers. The main character is harsh with everyone, including her boss. Judging by her remarks, she supports feminism. A new guy comes to work in her firm, and they like each other.

Jeong Ji-woo comes to work in the PR department and has an affinity for BDSM, but he doesn’t tell those around him about it. But Jung Ji-woo’s colleague accidentally opens his package and sees a riveted collar. He considers the riveted collar, and when he sees that she likes it she offers to be his mistress.

4. Munich: The Verge of War

A picture with a high-profile name is not so large-scale, but it is interesting to watch. The film is quite long, but some people like that. “Munich: On the Verge of War” is a biography. World War II was tried to prevent it. The story centers on key figures who went to Oxford together.

Autumn, 1938. Europe is about to be bombed. Hitler is going to Czechoslovakia, and the British government, along with Neville Chamberlain, are trying to find a way to resolve all disputes peacefully. British civil servant Hugh Legate and German diplomat Paul von Hartmann travel to Munich to hold an emergency conference. Afterward, the old friends realize that the situation is quite dangerous…

3. Day Shift 

The streaming service Netflix decided to please movie lovers with a bright new product – “The Day Shift” is an action film starring Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, and Snoop Dogg. On the official website, you can see video from the filming – in addition to behind-the-scenes moments. You can see footage from the picture itself.

The film tells the story of a caring dad who works hard for his daughter. He wants her to have everything. But to do that, he has to plow through hard work – he cleans swimming pools in San Fernando. However, this job is only for the cover. The man is a vampire hunter. The film will be released on August 12, 2022.

2. The Mother

The novelty poster for “The Mother” is pretty scary, and viewers thought it was wrong to make a woman’s face so… frightening and repulsive. But it’s mystical so that it can be forgiven. The plot revolves around a Korean-American woman who lives with her daughter on a remote bee farm and is opposed to electricity.

Somewhere out of town in a backwoods cottage lives a woman and her child, and she has her own honey business. The main character is sick, so electricity must be minimized. The girl is poorly socialized: she has no friends, only her mother… One day, the girl’s uncle comes to them and brings the ashes of the main character’s mother. The daughter has never even heard the truth about her grandmother…

1.Tinder Swindler

Online dating is a kind of lottery. You never know what kind of person will be in reality. People often distort the facts about themselves – no one wants to show their flaws. “The Tinder Scammer” is about a man who tells women incorrect information about himself and takes money from them.

A man of Israeli descent tells women when he meets them online that he’s a diamond billionaire, though he’s not. Through a calibrated plan, he defrauds the beauties who want to start a family by robbing them. One day the victims of the fraud unite to expose the scoundrel.

So, enjoy watching!



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