What to do With Unwanted Vehicles

How to get safely and efficiently rid of your unwanted car with minimal stress.

Cars and vehicles come and go. It is extremely exciting to be in the market for a new car, looking at different models, styles, and options while deciding what suits you best. However, getting rid of an old car can be an emotional and disheartening experience. The last thing you want on top of that is to have stressful frustrations and mishaps when trying to part ways with the vehicle itself. There are three options you can choose from when it comes to ridding yourself of unwanted vehicles.


This is the most popular way for people to move their car along. After all, it does make sense; you are receiving payment for your vehicle while someone else gets what they are looking for regarding a new car. When selling your car, you essentially have two further options. Firstly, you can sell with a dealer. This is a great way to get money for your vehicle quickly. The negotiations often run smoothly without much hassle, meaning it is likely you can walk away from your old car with money as soon as possible. There are some disadvantages to selling with a dealer, however, though. The leading one being that you receive less pay than the vehicle is worth.

You could also choose to sell your car independently. This entails such actions as online listings and negotiations. This method is perhaps more time-consuming, but you’re also going to have a better chance of receiving an amount closer to the car’s true value.  An element of why selling independently is more time-consuming is due to communication with potential buyers. You are likely going to receive inquiries from individuals who do not actually have a genuine interest in the car, causing some time to be wasted. You will also likely have to deliver the vehicle yourself. If it requires shipping a car to Florida or another state considerably far from your home, there are plenty of companies that will help you do so.


This is perhaps the most viable option for anyone whose car is in particularly bad condition. If your vehicle has come to the stage of its life where it can no longer function on the road, scrapping it could be the leading solution. Likewise, as selling your car, you will receive payment for this. Although it will not be as much as selling, it is better than nothing. The fees will vary depending on your vehicle. It can also fluctuate depending on if you require home collection or not.

Give Away

This is perhaps the least stressful option. You can simply load your car off to someone else. This could be a nephew looking for a first car or someone who is looking for something to drive for a short period. There are not particularly many steps to giving a car away, especially when you are already familiar with the person you are giving away to.




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