What Is the Difference Between Normal Sunglasses and Baseball Ones?

If you’re considering getting some sunglasses for playing baseball and you’re wondering whether or not they’re worth it, let us convince you. There are many differences between normal sunglasses and baseball frames specifically crafted for the sport. Here, we will go through some elements that set the two types of sunglasses apart. Read on for more information.

The Fit

The last thing anyone wants when they’re playing a sport is for their sunglasses to be insecure on their face, falling off when the game gets a little too intense. That makes Oakley baseball sunglasses the preferable option when it comes to playing the game. There are various style options, and many of them are designed with arms that curve around your head with a tighter fit than standard glasses without being uncomfortable. This means you can always rely on your eyewear to stay on your face, even when sprinting around the pitch, which is just what you need for a game like a baseball.


One of the special features of baseball sunglasses is that there are styles that include Prizm Field lens technology. This brightens colors, enhancing blue skies whilst increasing the saturation of grass and dirt – this means that wearers of these lenses can detect the ball faster against different backgrounds. Not only is this great for playing baseball, but also other sports such as cricket or tennis. Unfortunately, standard sunglasses do not have these qualities, as it’s not something you need for everyday wear. However, both normal sunglasses, as well as baseball sunglasses can include a prescription if you do need vision correction. This is often a better option than wearing contacts when playing sports, as you’ll be able to see clearly with less of a chance of getting any eye irritation from contact lenses. 


The material and structure of these types of eyewear differ because they serve separate purposes. Standard sunglasses are great for when you’re sunbathing on a beach vacation, as they will give you great shielding from UV rays. Baseball sunglasses are made of sturdier, lightweight material designed to handle impact with higher resistance to breakage. This is why they are so important for playing baseball. They can save you from getting a severe eye injury from the ball coming toward you at great speed. It’s too easy to hit you in the face, so it’s always important to take the right measures to protect yourself from damage. Especially the ultra-sensitive eye area. 

These are just a few ways that standard and baseball sunglasses differ. They both have their uses, but baseball sunglasses are designed for the game and are much more effective when you’re taking your play seriously. Not only that but the added protection they give your eye area can prove to be invaluable. Never play another game without your baseball sunglasses!



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