Ways to Pick College Football Games Each Week

The first four weeks of the 2022 college football season have been as unpredictable as ever. With so many uncertainties this early in the game, it isn’t shocking to see so many upsets and changes in the rankings. But will that stay consistent, or is there something new and even more unexpected changes? Let’s look at a few ways to pick potential betting spreads to help you better understand this process.

How We Chose Games

We researched several betting sites and did an in-depth examination of our own to gauge what kind of spreads are likely to pop up in week five. Then, we focused on games we think will get much betting attention due to high spreads or unexpected results. In this way, you should be able to find some good information about these games without doing much research yourself.

Furthermore, we’ll give some more details about the game and our reasons for picking which spreads you should bet against when choosing your games. Our goal is to help you find the best potential bets and improve your chances of winning. While we can’t guarantee you’ll make good money, we feel confident you will have more knowledge to increase your potential.

Pay Attention to Upset Potential 

While upsets don’t happen weekly in the college football world, they are consistent enough to make them a great bet. How do you choose upsets? Take the time to examine teams that are under or overperforming. These include ranked teams that haven’t played a quality opponent yet and unranked opponents that are winning big games. This step does take some research, so make sure you find a few sources that you can trust. 

Then, try to identify teams that feel right to you when betting. This process can include finding a team with an excellent defense or a high-quality quarterback. Or you might find a team that simply isn’t worth its ranking and is mostly coasting by on easy games in their early schedule. The trick here is watching a lot of football and talking weekly with friends and family members about each game. A little research is critical even if you don’t like this sport.

Bet on Spreads, Not Wins 

The biggest mistake you can make when betting on football is ignoring the spread. The spread is how much a team is likely to win a game by and can be used to your advantage. For example, rather than betting on an unlikely dark horse to win a game, you can bet on them beating the spread. So, a team with a 21-point spread that loses by 14 points beats the spread, and betting on them could give you a decent payout. 

As a result, paying attention to those weird numbers you see beneath teams when researching their chances of winning each week is important. Talk to your betting group to learn more about these spreads, and check out various websites that can help you better understand what spreads make the most sense for your betting experience.

Do Your Research!

Spend your time checking out these games and others when doing your college football lines for each week. Understand that our suggestions are based on careful research and are done to the best of our abilities. There is always a chance that we might be wrong. So take these suggestions properly to ensure you get a great betting experience and don’t spend too much money on any games.




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