Undercap – The Underwear For Your Head

Undercap - the underwear for your head

Oh man, the Undercap is just awesome (I can’t stop laughing) and would go perfectly with the Handerpants!!  Why didn’t I think of this?  The Undercap is underwear for your head (the head on your shoulders ;)), it can be worn under a toque or a hoodie but if you really want attention, it’s recommended you wear it on your head without anything covering it!

Not only is the Undercap a fashion statement, it’s also practical.  Winter is coming soon and you will need to keep your head warm; plain toques/caps are so last year.  The best part is, the Undercap is quite affordable at $7.95 (which is a “today only” deal, if you want more than one, you’ll have to pay $12.95).

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Undercap - the underpants for your head




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