Travel Destinations Around the World You Cannot Miss in 2021

Summer is upon us in all its glory and splendor, beckoning us to make time for an unforgettable and rejuvenating vacation. However, the world is brimming with exotic wonders and natural marvels, making it challenging to choose a destination for one’s travel pursuits.

We urge you to take the road less traveled and avoid mainstream destinations for a rewarding experience. After all, summer is notorious for the colossal influx of tourists in popular destinations and mainstream attractions.

But first, you must understand your travel cravings so you can answer your wanderlust calling with the perfect destination. So let’s take a look at our exciting roundup of exotic travel destinations around the world.

Sevierville, USA

The charming Sevierville is the hometown of internationally known country singer and entertainer Dolly Parton.

It has breathtaking natural beauty and fascinating history, attracting travelers with diverse experiences and activities suited for families, backpackers, and honeymooners. In addition, tourists flock to explore the Titanic Attraction Museum and the Tennessee Museum of Aviation, famous for vintage aircraft and memorabilia.

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is tucked at the southern tip of Sevierville, beckoning nature lovers with its exalting expanse. Adventurers and travelers visiting the Great Smokies prefer exploring Sevierville cabin rentals to enjoy centrally-located and luxurious accommodations. The alpine town allows easy access to the national park and other attractions, such as Pigeon Forge and the Forbidden Caverns.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is trending hot in travel circuits this year, as the city is gearing up to host the Summer Olympics. It’s a terrific destination for travelers who wish to head out east and explore oriental mysteries and glitzy skylines. It’s a metropolitan jungle that effortlessly infuses an exotic culture, ancient architecture, and traditional Japanese elements in its cosmopolitan expanse.

The city is brimming with strikingly delightful contradictions. For instance, each street displays a unique blend of futuristic architecture merged with ancient temples. Tokyo is the ultimate city to enjoy traditional and modern Japanese cuisines. You can explore street vendors and enjoy fine dining at some of the best Michelin-starred restaurants.

The Imperial Palace is a spectacular specimen of ancient Japanese architecture, with its beautifully manicured parks and walkways. Disneyland Tokyo is another popular attraction, and it was recently renovated with incredible upgrades.

One cannot go to Japan and not sign up for the iconic spa and massage rituals. But, be sure to get some self-care and rejuvenation at one of the many immersive spa experiences Tokyo has to offer.

Adare Manor, Ireland

Are you looking for a refreshing retreat that allows you to revel in the splendors of the countryside? Look no further than Ireland’s splendid Adare Manor. This extravagant manor hotel is sprawling over 340 hectares of vibrant green spaces. The neo-gothic architecture is utterly sumptuous and creates an idyllic setting in the Irish countryside.

The Manor is home to a well-maintained and opulent golf resort with a rich and fascinating history. Ace golf course architect Tom Fazio designed the course to create a paradisical setting to enjoy this leisurely sport. However, golf isn’t the only activity one can enjoy in Adare Manor.

Guests can explore various activities and sports, such as archery, game shooting, falconry, and more. The Manor’s in-house spa is the ultimate abode of self-love and self-pampering. It is one of the only 11 spas worldwide that offer the La Mer-branded treatment. We urge travelers with big pockets to sign up for the opulent Codladh Samh massage – a truly rejuvenating experience.

Adare Manor delights its guests with five restaurants and the Oak Room, a fabulous Michelin-starred establishment. The gastronomic culture revolves around farm-to-table, supplying guests with locally sourced and organic produce.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is an exotic melting pot of Portuguese and Mediterranean cultures, which merge to create a treasure trove of old-world charm. This Portuguese gem offers a different and delightful Mediterranean experience, from splendid architecture to gastronomic cuisine. The city has an endlessly creative and artistic vibe, and it will delight you with art, architecture, and beauty at every turn.

Indeed, Lisbon is home to the more nuanced and intricate experiences of Portuguese culture. We strongly urge travelers to sign up for architecture tours to explore the rich history of the city’s iconic landmarks. Lisbon is all about fine dining, wine tastings, and walking through the glitzy expanse of ancient and modern architecture.


Traveling is a pursuit that expands our horizons, creating opportunities for rebirth by introducing us to new perspectives. Therefore, we strongly urge you to explore countries, regions, and landscapes that fascinate and attract you. However, if you’re traveling with your partner, family, or friends, you must account for their preferences and interests.

More importantly, be sure to prioritize your safety and protection while traveling during the ongoing pandemic. Each traveler is responsible for practicing COVID-19 SOPs to revive global tourism and prevent mishaps that endanger everyone. So, be sure to pack a substantial supply of face masks and sanitizers.




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