Transport Options in Dubai

Dubai has become one of the world’s most popular destinations for travelers. It is a modern, vibrant city with amazing architecture, beaches, and shopping malls. However, traveling in such a busy city could be a difficult task as you will find a huge rush of traffic everywhere.

It is a city of contrasts and filled with so many tourist attractions and also home time the world’s tallest skyscrapers the Burj Khalifa, and the beautiful Corniche in front of the beach. Dubai has a long history of hosting conferences and trade events and has been known for its high standard of hospitality and quality of service. It is a city of great variety and culture with a diverse population and an extensive network of modern facilities and infrastructure.

However, the growth of the city has created problems with congestion and hard to travel around the city. However, UAE is a well-developed country and there are so many transportation options available. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the major transport options for those who want to visit the UAE.

In this article we have highlighted the different modes of transportation, please note there is no specific right way to travel in Dubai, different modes of transportation options will suit some travelers while some options will not suit others travelers. It actually depends on the purpose of your traveling, your budget and the destinations you want to travel to, etc.

Different Modes of Transport in Dubai UAE

To move around Dubai or to travel to other states of UAE there are a few different types of transport options available:

  1. Travel by Private Rented Bus
  2. Travel by RTA Buses
  3. Travel by Taxi
  4. Travel by Metro
  5. Travel to Other Cities of the UAE
  6. Travel by Renting Car
  7. Uber
  8. Travel by Sharing Vehicles (Car lift Services)

Travel by Private Rented Buses

Dubai is an amazing city with its own unique culture which attracts travelers from all over the world to enjoy the sandy beaches, do luxury shopping, see modern skyscrapers and enjoy delicious foods and nightlife. It is a fast-growing city and expanding rapidly with the increase in population.

Tourists from all over the world visit UAE to explore beautiful places and they love exploring the local sites.

Dubai is a highly busy city and it’s best to explore and travel by private rented bus or van as it’s a very easy and efficient way to move around especially if you are with the family and came for tour purpose.

Private bus drivers are helpful and courteous and provide great services and advice to their passengers, they are also very friendly & possess a strong experience of UAE all cities routes. Hiring a private van or bus with a driver is a good option to tour Dubai city or travel from Dubai to other cities.

There are well-established bus rental Dubai service provider companies that offer 24-hour service at any place in any state of UAE and they are very professional. They have friendly & well trained English speaking drivers who are always on time and are ready to offer the best services.

Some of the best private buses and van rental Dubai companies are Blue Line Bus Rental, AAli Bus Rental & Transport Services, Asia Star, Diamond Bus Rental, Star Bus Rental, etc. These bus rental companies offer a wide range of modern, luxury, and economic fleets to suit travelers’ needs and budgets. AAli Bus and Van Rental Company offer discounts to their regular customers.

Private buses with a driver can be booked either online or can even be booked just by a call to local Dubai-based bus rental companies, some companies need you to pay 20% advance payment to reserve a bus for you while some companies offer cash on delivery method too. For booking, you just need to provide the dates, pick up location, and time and they will send you a booking confirmation by email or WhatsApp within a few minutes with the assigned driver’s contact details.

Private Dubai-based buses rental companies offer affordable and safe services to tourists visiting the city. They are easy to find online and offer a wide range of services including airport transfers, sightseeing tours, night tours, and luxury tours.

Travelers can rent a bus for half-day which is a minimum of 5 hours or a full day which is 10 hours and even can book it for the entire week.

The daily cost starts from 700 AED and can go up depending on the size and model of the vehicle, and the destinations you want to visit.

Hiring a private bus or van with a driver is the best option for tourists and big families or large groups who want to explore the tourist attractions with ease and no hassle and freedom of travel. You can go anywhere you want and can stay for as long as you want in any place with no headache of parking or fare meter countdown.

Renting a private bus is not the best option for a small group of people and not recommended for short rides and office regular workers transport as it will be enough costly compared to a taxi or general public transport buses.

General Public Transport RTA Buses

The general public transport bus service in Dubai is run by the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) and It is a cheap mode of transportation in Dubai.

RTA Public transport buses run throughout the city, these buses are air-conditioned and stop at their designated stops, but can be overcrowded during rush hour. Fares range between Dh2-7. You can use the NOL top-up card to pay your fare.

Public transport buses are the best option for short rides and regular office workers as it’s the cheapest option of transportation in Dubai.

Travel by RTA buses is not recommended for tourists as these buses go on specific routes which might be far from the tourist attractions you planned to go to and maybe need additional transport to reach your destination, also you will have to wait at the bus stop for a long time till bus arrival time.

Travel by Dubai Metro

The Dubai Metro is the best mode of transport for people who are looking to avoid traffic congestion and it’s cost-effective too.

The Dubai Metro offers frequent train services around Dubai. It is a fully integrated system that connects major urban centers in the UAE. The Dubai Metro covers most of Dubai’s suburban network and operates 7 days a week and the timing is 5 am to 2 am the next day.

There are designated cabins for different types of passengers like there are separate cabins for NOL gold cardholders, designated cabins for women and children, and normal cabins.

Metro is equipped with free WiFi and mobile signal is 100% while traveling in the metro. There are more than 3000 CCTV cameras in trains and metro stations to ensure the safety and security of passengers.

There are dedicated metro police who are ready to help the passengers anytime.

Metro is easily wheelchair accessible and lifts are available in metro stations.

Travelers can buy a one-time metro ticket at the metro station on the spot or can buy an NOL top-up card from the bus station or any supermarket to pay their metro fare.

The Metro option is best for office workers who travel regularly to their offices and best for those whose destination is near around metro station.

Travel from Dubai to Other UAE Cities

Indeed Dubai city is the top tourist city in UAE but there is no lake of entertainment & tourist spots in other cities like Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Fujairah also.

Travelers who come to UAE for holidays usually want to travel to Abu Dhabi and other states of UAE also.

So what is the best option to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi or to other cities in UAE?

There are several ways to travel between Dubai and Abu Dhabi or Dubai to other cities of UAE like if you are 2 or 3 people you can use taxi or Uber or if you are looking for cheap option then go for RTA buses option and if you are going with family for an outing or want to explore Abu Dhabi city then the best option is Dubai to Abu Dhabi private transfer service.

Below are a few options of transport to travel to Abu Dhabi from Dubai.

Travel by General Public Transport us: The RTA bus is one of the most common means of transportation between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is also one of the cheapest options. However, the bus is not recommended if you are looking for the fastest possible trip. It can take anywhere from 3 hours to 4 hours.

Travel by taxis for a long-distance ride such as Dubai to Abu Dhabi is pretty expensive, so you should consider other means of transportation, however, if you are in need of to travel on an urgent basis then a taxi is the best & fastest option as you can take a taxi anywhere on the street and start your journey, these taxies are meter taxi and charge as per meter count.

Transfer by private bus: Private transfers are one of the most popular transport options because of the high quality of the service, the low prices, and the comfort. Most of the drivers speak English and possess good experience of UAE routes.

There are several companies offering the service of a private transfer from Dubai to other cities. Some of the biggest names include Royal Travel, Gulf Links, Emirates Bus Rental, and AAli Bus Rental. In general, the prices depend on the number of passengers, the time of day, the length of the journey, and the type, brand, and size of the vehicle.

Private transfers are one of the most popular ways to travel from one city to another city in the UAE, this option provides the highest level of comfort and privacy. If you are visiting Abu Dhabi with family or a big group to explore the city or need to reach specific destinations like the airport or meeting point etc, then the private transfer is the best option to go for. It is also possible to book a private transfer between the main airports in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and between the main train stations on the spot.

Car lift Services (Sharing Transport Services)

Another option to travel in Dubai is sharing car lift services, it’s the best option for office workers and they charge on monthly basis around 400 AED per passenger. They have specific time and routes, the driver picks up passengers from a specific place in the morning time and drop them to their offices and take them back in the evening at the office off time). It’s the best & economic option only for office workers who don’t have a personal car or can’t afford taxi fare and if the general public transport bus stop is far from their office location. Carpooling is actually illegal in Dubai but still, many van rental and bus rental companies offer such services.

Travel by Rented Car in Dubai

Hiring a car is another way to travel around the city. However, car rental is expensive and should be reserved in advance. Hiring a car in Dubai cost around 300 dirham per day, including VAT depending on the type of car. You can find a range of vehicles, including hatchback cars, sedans, luxury cars, Bugatti Chiron and SUVs.

Renting a car to travel around Dubai is the best option for solo and or couples. Renting a car will give you complete flexibility to go anywhere you want to stop everywhere.

Renting a car can be expensive if you hire a car for a long time in Dubai as you will pay the cost solo and pay for fuel, Salik and parking, etc.

Travel by Uber

Transportation in Dubai is made easy with Uber. No more waiting around for taxis and worrying about paying for fuel. Uber mobile application is extremely simple to use. You just need to download a free mobile app and simply open the app and request your driver. They will arrive at your location in less than 3 minutes.

Dubai is a fascinating city and you can’t explore every nook and cranny without your own vehicle. This is where Uber comes in. You can easily get around town by booking a car or a cab by the Uber app.

The best part of using Uber is that you never have to wait around for a taxi. Once you enter your destination, you can track where your driver is, how long it will take to get to you, and how much the fare will be.

You can pay by credit card or cash, or you can set up automatic payments. As well as your fare, you can also add a tip, or even send money to your driver.

Travel by Dubai Taxi

A taxi is a convenient mode of transport in Dubai for a short ride. It is widely available on the street.

Taxi services in Dubai have a unique style that distinguishes them from other types of vehicles. They are designed for people who value privacy, luxury, and comfort and want to reach their destination on time. Taxis in Dubai are clean, well-maintained, and have all amenities such as air conditioning, CD, DVD, radio, USB, and power sockets. Dubai is also home to some of the world’s finest taxi drivers.

There are numerous taxi companies operating in Dubai, most notably Dubai Taxi, Emirates Taxi, Halla Taxi, Metro Taxi, Arabia Taxi, and Emirates Taxi. It is highly recommended to avoid taking taxis from taxi rank as all taxi companies offer great taxi services and all taxis are clean and new with experienced drivers.

It is always advised to take an official taxi when entering Dubai, which can be easily identified by the yellow taxi sign with a white background.

Travel by taxi is the best option for solo or couple and best for a short ride within the city and not recommended for long distances ride or sightseeing as fare can go enough higher as the taxi meter countdown will still active if you keep taxi on hold for you and you visit some tourist attractions and want to stay for a long time.

The taxi meter starts from 6 Dirhams in the morning and from the evening the meter starts from 7 Dirhams. Starting fare is vary according to the pickup location for example from Dubai Airport taxi meter starts from 25 Dirhams, and you will pay more according to the time and distance of the trip.


Which transport option is best in Dubai UAE? Well, there are many options available in UAE as mentioned in the above article. You can use taxis if you are up to 3 pax and want to travel for short distance ride within one city, you can hire a car if you are familiar with UAE routes and have a good budget, you can use general public transport buses if you are an office worker and can’t afford a taxi, and or can use the Dubai metro if the metro station is near to your start and end destinations. However, when it comes to traveling with family & kids around the city or to travel from one city to another city, there is only one transport option that I would recommend you to use which is to rent a private bus from bus rental companies with the driver, that’s because this is the fastest, safest, cheapest, and most convenient way to travel around and see Dubai city or to travel from one city to another.




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