Top Picks for Online Casino Android Apps

Did you know that you can also play online casinos on your android phone?

Yes – you read this right. If you are into gambling, you will want to download your favorite online casino app and start playing with the best Online bingo. However, before we check out the best options for online casino apps, we recommend checking out their full websites and the gaming experience on websites that gives you the ultimate experience.

On the other hand, if you are bored, sitting at the bus stop, and trying to kill time, the best option would be to download the online casino app of your choice, such as Online pokies, and start winning online cash on the go!

How cool is that?

An Overview of the Metric Used for Rating

The number one metric used to formulate the following opinions of the best online casino apps Is based on how well the actual android app resembles the website usability, feel, vibe, and gameplay experience.

In other words, compared to the full desktop online casino version, the below-mentioned online casino apps (BETMGM Casino & Borgata) are incredible. The software and android developers have done an excellent job building both apps.

Now, because both these casino apps are comparable, the only potential advantage that we could give to one of them, BETMGM, is that the app is available in many regions.

What is so Amazing about BETMGM Casino & Borgata?

Besides the small advantage you have with the BETMGM Casino, both mentioned online casino apps are quite evenly matched.

  • Both apps have amazing graphics.
  • The gaming software is extremely good – not only replicating the experience that online casino players have on the real website (desktop version) but also making potential allowances for the fact that it is not the exact replication of your experience when you are on an android device.  

If you have played online casinos on their respective websites, you will only understand what we are talking about, as mobile apps come close to it. This aspect is specifically true for when you are doing a live casino, such as live roulette, you will see that they (software developers) have done a great job with the streaming.

You can still see the dealer very clearly despite the screen being smaller.

If you don’t have a good vision, you might struggle with the numbers and a bit of clarity – but even this aspect has been taken care of in the android apps. Here is what happens – when you press on the potential amount of money you want to gamble, such as the $25 chip, it will magnify to make you certain about what you place in the bet.

Also, with both these apps, you will have the ultimate, high-quality streaming experience. In other words, you can experience a full live online casino game in high quality – even on just your mobile data.

No Money-Withdrawing Issues

Another potential reason these two apps – BETMGM Casino and Borgata – are at the top is that you won’t face issues while depositing money through the app or withdrawing money.

This aspect doesn’t mean you cannot withdraw the money – the only problem seems to be a potential glitch within the app. The app might take you to your payment account, and when you are about to get to the screen where you select withdraw – it might kind of simply cancel out on you and send you back to the home page.

You might find this money withdrawal issue on almost every online casino app – except these two.

The Built-In Safety Mechanism

The gaming software of BETMGM Casino & Borgata is designed to have a built-in safety mechanism in case your internet or Wi-Fi goes down. In other words, the software lowers the streaming quality to keep the gameplay continuous.

Understandably, most online casino gamblers – or any gambler, in general, would be okay with the streaming quality going down for thirty seconds or so – but not having the actual gameplay dropped or interrupted.

Because if the online casino game might get interrupted – it won’t only make people feel pissed off but even feel like they have been cheated on. And these two android apps for online casinos do a great job with the software setup and mitigate the risk of game interruption.

This aspect also indicates how minutely these online casino apps consider everything to ensure the potential satisfaction of their players.

So, the two online casinos, BETMGM Casino & Borgata, are quite incredible. Suppose this is your first time playing an online casino. In that case, we recommend trying out the original desktop version as well, as it will allow you to enjoy the game and have fun with online casinos while maneuvering things at a higher level. 




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